The tour to visisit: Tourist  Cau tau – Dam Tre bay

The tour to visisit: Tourist Cau tau – Dam Tre bay

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The tour to visit: Con Dao town – An Hai lake – Thanh Gia mountain

The tour to visit: Con Dao town – An Hai lake – Thanh Gia mountain

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The tour to visit: Discover ocean with diving service company

The tour to visit: Discover ocean with diving service company

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Con Dao – Potential and development of beach tourism

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Con Dao – Island district, of Ba Ria – Vung Tau, 185 km far from Vung Tau City, 230 far from Hochiminh City, 85 km far from beach coastal of Cuu Long river delta, an idland including 16 small and big idlands.

“Reliable addresses of BR – VT tourism” in period 2015 - 2017

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 “Reliable addresses of BR – VT tourism” in period 2015 - 2017

Hang Duong Cemetery

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Some 20,000 Vietnamese prisoners died on Con Son and 1994 of their graves can be seen at the peaceful Hang Duong Cemetery, located at the eastern edge of town. Sadly, only 700 of these graves bear the name of the victims.

Hike to Dam Tre Bay

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Located along the primitive northeast coast, Dam Tre Bay offers bamboo forest, rugged landscape and a rocky beach, which visitors will likely have all to themselves. But the hike is tricky as you have to time it with the tides or else you can get stranded.


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For 113 years, Con Dao was not the beautiful tropical idyll that you see today, but rather a prison where thousands endured pain and suffering. While travellers are drawn to the island’s water, sun and sand, a visit to the Con Dao Museum and at least one of Con Son Island’s many prisons is a must. Learn why it was known as “hell on earth” and “the Devil’s Island of Indochina.”

Côn Ð?o Island, Vietnam

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In many things to do in Viet Nam, travelling to Con Dao is necessary things.  Pristine beach, fresh and delicious seafood, friendly local people and there is not stolen at all in this island. In this article, I will introduce 4 suggestion for you when you travelling there. I hope this post will neccesary before you come Vietnam.

Nha Lon - Cultural relic in Long Son Island

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Traveling along National Road 51 heading for the coastal city of Vung Tau, visitors can catch sight of an intersection on their right hand side laid eight kilometers from the greeting gate of the city.

Hoi An, the ‘Yellow City’ of Vietnam

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Vincent Van Gogh once said that “Sunshine, a light which, for want of a better word I can only call yellow — pale sulphur yellow, pale lemon gold.

Con Co Island tourism route to open

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Deputy Prime Minister Vu Duc Dam agreed with the People’s Committee of the Central province of Quang Tri’s proposal on opening a new tourism route to Con Co Island.

Stunning Ban Gioc Waterfall

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Tourists who depart from Ha Noi have to negotiate seven snaking passes to get to the remote northeastern region to admire the stunning Ban Gioc Waterfall. Along the way, tourists can admire Meliaceae flowers in white or white reed swinging in the wind.

The thrilling three-province Ta Nang–Phan Dung trek

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Adventurous travellers are no strangers to trekking, to the feeling of being one with nature, resting on a lush green hillside being cooled by a gentle breeze. This is what the Ta Nang–Phan Dung has to offer.
Summer fun on Con Dao Island

Summer fun on Con Dao Island

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Summer is here, and from the southern island of Con Dao, you can cruise to the neighboring islets, enjoy bathing and fishing, or walk through splintered sunlight in a tropical jungle. There are few tourist services but many people like it this way because there is less hassle.

Con Dao park gets World Ramsar site status

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According to the Ramsar Convention, the picturesque Con Dao National Park in the southern coastal province of Ba Ria-Vung Tau has been internationally recognised as a new wetland Ramsar site.

Cua Bac Church – a must-see site in Ha Noi

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Cua Bac is a Roman Catholic church located at 56 Phan Dinh Phung Street, Ha Noi. It was built in 1932 and originally named Church of Martyrs (French: Église des Martyrs) by the French administration of Indochina aspart of Ha Noi’s urban plan supervised by Ernest Hébrard.

Bai Dua - Vung Tau

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From the Front Beach, along Ha Long is one of Vietnam's mostbeautiful road winding on an encroachment into the coastal mountains will take us to Pineapple Beach.


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