Oyster sauce

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This is a popular sauce in Con Dao. They  usually use it in daily meals. The main raw material to createoyster sauce israw oysters, which are always available here. They often live in ground of rocks around the islands of Con Lon archipelago (Con Dao).

Special foods of Con Dao - Red Lobster

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They called it Red Lobster  because the distinctive red color that this shrimp bring on its body. It is also known as fire lobster, the king of seafoods on this island.

Special foods of Con Dao - Nhum sauce

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Con Dao is not only famous for jam of  terminalia catappa’s seed,moon crab or  her breast snail but also noted about a kind of fish sauce which was called  Nhum sauce, a noble sauce.

Special foods of Con Dao - Moon Crab

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Like its name, this moon crab has a very strange shape because there is more bold red rounded crab and bright pink on their backs.

Jam of seed of Terminalia catappa

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This is a specialty gift bearing the deep stamp of the island. Just set foot on this island,  you can see the rows of  Terminalia catappa growing along coastal paths,  far away a few hundred meters from Ben Dam Port. 

Special foods of Con Dao - Her Breast snails

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This type of snail called a very interesting name by its outward appearance like the breasts of young women who are in adolescent age. 

Special foods of Con Dao - Sweet snail inCon Dao

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Anybody  who travelled  to Con Dao can not forget the Sweet snailcuisine in Con Dao with delicious, wonderful taste. We make sure you will remember about it and want to travel to this island to discover amazing things here.

10 delicacies, youhardly refuse when travelling to Con Dao

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Con Dao mackerel was known with the name " mackerel with oncetime in the sun" because after the catch, fishermen will wash mackerels with salt water, drying fish in the sun one time and not marinate more anypreservatives. 
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