To be enraptured with pristine beauty of Phu Quy island

Tuesday - 28/05/2019 10:04
White sand beaches, colourful coral reefs under the limpid sea water, verdant plants, fresh air and delicious seafood are what attract tourists to the beautiful district island of Phu Quy, which is about 4 to 5 hours by ship from Phan Thiet city.

Different from big modern cities, Phu Quy island wows tourists with its natural pristine beauty.


Blue sea and sky

After crossing the deep blue sea to get to Phu Quy island, this place - with immense blue sky, smooth sea and peaceful way of life will definitely interest you. Far away from big modern cities, the small island of Phu Quy has many beautiful landscapes that hard to find elsewhere.

It is the arc-shaped port embracing the island, fishing villages along the seaside, Doi Thay cape, beach of black rocks, Ganh Hang, Tranh islet, Doi Dua beach, Trieu Duong bay, Doc Cai beach, Trao islet, Chen islet, Cao Cat mountain, Cam (Forbidden) mountain, etc. All of them make Phu Quy island like a charming picture of nature.

Aside from picturesque landscapes, Phu Quy island has many cultural-historical attractions, such as Van An Thanh, where houses many whale skeletons since 1941, the old lighthouse on Cam mountain, or beautiful pagodas of Linh Buu, Linh Quang, where you can leisurely enjoy your time and contemplate the panorama of Phu Quy from above. According to local people, when being looked from the East, Phu Quy is like a dragon, but when being seen from the North, it’s like a mackerel, and from the South-west, the island become a giant whale swimming on the sea surface.

Enjoy the sea and eat seafood

Deep blue sea, waves hitting rocks, wild bushes along the sand dunes and cliffs of rocks all together create a majestic beauty for the island.

As a group of 10 big and small islands, Phu Quy has many wonderful beaches, such as the one in Trieu Duong bay, Doi Dua beach in Ngu Phung commune, Bai Nho (Small beach) – Ganh Hang, Doc Cai beach, etc. Therefore, if you desire to fully enjoy the pristine beauty of this place, you have to go to each islet with numerous natural sceneries. If you want to go exploring any destination by yourself, then ask locals for advices, find the right way and ride a hired light motorcycle (which costs about 100.000 to 150.000 VND per day) to that place.


The infastructure of Phu Quy island is still simple, but its gastronomy is not. In the early morning, you can go to fish markets or catch a canoe and go to islets to see how fishing boats make their landfall, find out about shark fishing boats or about the traditional career of diving to catch lobsters, and then go back to the fishing villages for breakfast. While chatting with local people, you can also buy some fresh seafoods, which just has been brought up from the sea, and ask if they can cook it for you.

When peaceful fishing villages are covered by last daylights and you are about to finish a day full of new experiences, it’s time to listen to your stomach. There are a lot of rustic dishes for you to choose: banh canh (a kind of Vietnamese noodles soup), banh xeo (Vietnamese pancake), banh can (Vietnamese mini pancake), huynh de crab (king crab), vu nang snail (“her breast” snail or cone snail), sea cucumber, red grouper fish steamed with ginger, salad of snail, salad of seafood, gracilaria crassa, etc.

How to get to the island?

After crossing 56 nautical miles, about 3,5 to 6 hours (depends on what kind of ship), on a single trip that depart from Phan Thiet Fishing Port (at the end of Trung Trac street, Phan Thiet city), then you will be in the beautiful island of Phu Quy. The departure time of ships to Phu Quy is often changed depending on the water level of each season, especially in rough sea season. Therefore, according to the advice of local people, to have a smooth trip, you had better check the ship schedule 4 days before the departure date.

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