Hon Ba - Peak of love

Monday - 27/05/2019 16:17
Hon Ba has a natural area of 576 hectares, is the third largest island in the Con Son Islands. Hon Ba is connected to Con Son by Cua Tu, forming Ben Dam bay. This is the wind-filled bay, storm shelter of fishermen boats on the sea

Forest resources on Hon Ba are diverse and abundant with precious and rare timber species and rare and endemic species such as Long-tailed Macaque, Black Squirrel Con Dao, Wild boar, Jute, Forest bird…

When arriving at the Hon Ba Forest Protection Station, tourists walk about 20 minutes west of the forest to Dam Quoc Island to explore the pristine mangrove forest, swim, swim with snorkel and snorkel to see the coral and Marine;Or you can climb the mountain to conquer the Peak of love, with the height of 352m and neighboring peaks observe the whole bay of Ben Dam and the surrounding islands.

According to legend, when Nguyen Anh was asked to help the French invaders, and in particular the desire to send Prince Cai to be the hostage, Phi Yen chose the counsel against it but not only Lord Nguyen Anh did not hear but also closed her conspiracy to conspire with the Tay Son, so she put her into a cave on the island so called Hon Ba today.

Trip description:

• It is a marine ecological tourism tour that is organized and operated at Con Dao National Park visitor center. Includes climbing, nature sightseeing, wildlife observation, swimming, coral swimming, visiting mangroves

• Requirement: bring appropriate materials to the forest and the sea. There should be a national park guide to go with

• Time: 4 - 6 hours or long stay

Hon Ba is just 20m away from Con Son Island, when the tide is low people can walk though, but when the tide is high, it is very deep and the current is very dangerous to go so it is called Cua Tu (the gate of death) or Hong Dam.Around Hon Ba and BD area there is an area of mangroves, a very important ecosystem.Along with coral reefs and marine carpet, mangrove forests provide important food and shelter for many other marine species; At the same time it also reduces the intensity of the waves to the beach.If you want to explore nature and look at long-tail monkeys, this is an ideal place

Observe the Peak of love from the Nhat beach

From the beach Nhat look west we see two peaks 328m high next to each other called Love Peak, the legend said that:"There are a couple love each other, but their family prohibits their marriage, they do not want to leave each other, so they fled to Ben Dam embrace each other to petrified".Mr. Tran Dinh Hue - Vice Director of Con Dao National Park Management Board, has inspired to compose the poem after standing in front of the beautiful painting of the Peak of Love.

Peak of love

Do not know since when!

Peak of love rise up

His eyes looked at the sea

Let the waves coil

Hand in hand hugged tightly

Lips say

Eyes instead of words

Do not mention separation scene

Winter toSpring and then again

Autumn came for Summer to leave

Four seasons still bloom

Now is not afraid of separation.

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