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Con Dao is one of the best diving places in Vietnam. Coral is relatively intact and very impressive, with huge coral reefs (largest compared to other parts of Southeast Asia). Marine organisms include Dugon, Green sea turtles, stingray rays, Sphyraena barracuda, squid, Rachycentron canadum and Orcaella brevirostris, as well as many other colorful fishes in tropical reefs. There are 16 islands to choose for diving in Con Dao archipelago.

Con Dao is a beautiful archipelago for diving all year round. However, the best time to dive in Con Dao is from March to June because of factors such as calm waves, clear water, good vision. This is also a suitable time for you to travel Con Dao. From the end of June to September is the rainy season so sometimes vision can be affected. From April to September (peak season is in July and August) is spawning-season of sea turtles. The month with the best underwater vision of the year is from November to January. But this is dry season and also the rough seasons so whether or not diving is completely dependent on the weather every day.

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Rainbow Divers Center

Www.divevietnam.com/ Rainbow Divers is the first diving center and is rated five- star by the National Dive Centers PADI (Island Dive Centers). Rainbow Divers is also the only Nitrox diving center that offers free Nitrox to any qualified diver. This center is managed by two instructors American Ashley and Ryan. They use a high-speed boat with new branch and their equipment is the best. The center also provides Con Dao tourist information services and reservations at Con Dao hotels. The Rainbow Diving Center is in front of Con Dao Harbor. Please note that Rainbow Divers is closed from September previous year to March next year. Rainbow Divers usually introduces their guests to Senses Diving Con Dao during this time due to the same high standards of service. Please send an email to address cd@divevietnam.com for more information.

Dive Senses Con Dao / Bar200

Con Dao Dive Senses is a PADI diving center. It opens year round. They are a small independent company, which also offers diving services for Six Senses Resort, as well as for all visitors to the island. Con Dao Dive Sense is run by English, Fin, some persons at  Welsh and PADI South African trainers (Max, Rhys and Gordon). They are persons who have lived and experienced diving on this archipelago for many years. Con Dao Dive Sense does not charge different prices for different destinations and there are apartments on all the islands around Con Dao. The boat of Dive Senses can transport 27 people to make a diving trip and cruise around Con Dao. Dive Senses Con Dao also offers local tourist information and reservation advice at Con Dao Hotels. They have a diving center and a cafe called "Bar200" near the market on Pham Van Dong Street. Bar200 serves beers, cold beverages and Italian coffee. Bar200 is a good place to relax and meet other Con Dao tourists.

Dive! Dive! Dive!

Www.dive-condao.com  Dive! Dive! Dive! Launched in 2010, located in the center of Con Dao town (4 Nguyen Hue), this center does not affiliate with SSI and provide PADI courses. It is owned by an American living in Vietnam for the past 25 years. This center completed more than 1,000 dives in the Con Dao archipelago. Larry - Owner of Dive! Dive! Dive! is the most experienced and knowledgeable diver on the island. He is also a highly qualified PADI instructor on the island. Dive! Dive! Dive!does not charge different prices for different destinations. They help visitors go to the best dive sites on any given day with the same price. Dive! Dive! Dive! is also a great center for booking an open room for only $ 15 a night for a double room. Dive! Dive! Dive! also organizes the tour to watch turtles lay their eggs with much higher standards than Con Dao National Park.

All three Con Dao diving centers provide a snorkel of about $ 50. In addition, small speed boats (also known as "canoes") can be rented to individuals for Con Dao travel, or for scuba diving trips. Diving in Con Dao National Park should be paid fare at the Con Dao National Park office located to the north of Con Dao Town.




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