Attractions Cau Shrine

Monday - 27/05/2019 15:27
Attractions Cau Temple

Cau Shrine is located in the area of Co Ong, on the way down Dam Trau beach, this is a famous tourist destination in Con Dao associated with tale tragedy about the maternal love between Mrs. Phi Yen and Prince Hoi An (prince Cai), the children of Ms. Hoang Phi Yen and Lord Nguyen Anh - two characters named in the song:

"The wind brought mustard to heaven

laksa leaves stayed subject to bitter words".

The shrine was built by the people to remember the pride of Prince Cai who was recognized and respected by the villagers in Con Dao. They built and cared for Ba Shrine and Cau Shrine with incense and frequent visits. Today, visitors to Con Dao, have a chance to visit the shrine with great respect and hear the islanders tell about the sacred story of motherhood.

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