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Monday - 25/09/2023 08:12
When it comes to the ocean paradise of Con Dao, you can't help but mention the cuisine here. Also, because of the diversity and richness of Con Dao cuisine, there is no shortage of novel cuisine here. And there must be no shortage of vegetarian food which is gradually becoming a food trend. Please allow me to introduce some famous vegetarian restaurants Con Dao that when you get there, you can enjoy a variety of vegetarian dishes.

1. Con Dao Vegetarian Kitchen (Madam Ha)
Amid the trends of green living and environmental protection, vegetarianism has emerged as a new trend. Not only does it bring many benefits to the environment, but vegetarianism also brings many positive effects on health, helping to limit the risk of cardiovascular diseases, and diabetes... However, some people are still afraid when thinking that vegetarian dishes are not as attractive as salty dishes and cannot provide enough nutrients for the body for daily activities. If you are thinking the same thing, Madam Ha Vegetarian Kitchen will make you change your opinion.

• Address: Le Thanh Nghi Street, Area 6
• Facebook: Con Dao Vegetarian Kitchen (
• Operating hours: 8:00 to 21:00      
From the name, the Con Dao vegetarian kitchen evokes a warm and rustic feeling. This restaurant is located in the alley of Lê Thanh Nghi Street, but with the blue and brown hues of green plants and wooden tables and chairs, it gives a warm and fresh feeling. The vegetarian dishes at Madam Ha are attractive because of the blend of colors from vegetables such as green vegetables, soybeans, blue beans, eggplants, and fruits... which are beautifully and skillfully arranged. The shop also scored points for its environmental protection spirit through the use of bamboo straws and paper boxes for takeaway orders. With the criteria "Responsible Cooking" as the top priority, the ingredients used in cooking contain no preservatives, no flavor enhancers, no stabilizers, etc. Dishes containing pho, rice, and vermicelli are all made from whole grains for the highest nutritional.





2. Con Dao Vegetarian Restaurant (Miss Hoang's Kitchen)

• Address: Internal Road N8, Area 6, Con Dao District
• Facebook: Con Dao Vegetarian Restaurant (
• Phone number: 0946 683 678
The business model of this shop is that people with conditions pay those without conditions. Everyone can donate as they please. After a drink, you can go home as you are pleased. But if you think the food is good, you can leave any amount of money, whether it's 100 000 Vietnamese dong, 50 000 Vietnamese dong, 5 000 Vietnamese dong, or 1 000 Vietnamese dong, there's no problem.       
 To the surprise of many people, although there is no meal fee charged, the restaurant is still very careful with the smallest details. The dishes do not follow a specific menu but depend on seasonal ingredients, are fresh every day, and are personally selected by the shop owner at the market. The space inside is illuminated by light yellow light, creating a warm feeling. 
For this restaurant, diners do not simply pay to buy meals for themselves, but for the wealthy people who can put more money in the box, it is a donation to bring meals to people who have more difficult circumstances, through which anyone can do charity. That is also the way Ms. Hoang and everyone else in the restaurant do.






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