Creative souvenir from shell of Con Dao

Monday - 27/05/2019 22:11
There are many stalls, souvenirs shops which sell gifts made from unique, eye-catching snails in Con Dao. You can buy seafood products such as beautifully crafted conchs, seashells in Con Dao market or souvenir shops such as Con Dao gift (address: Nguyen An Ninh street, Zone 8, Con Dao district, tel: +84 64 3830 889)

A souvenir stall at Con Dao market

Con Dao gift sells many beautifully crafted conchs, seashells

Travelling to Con Dao, visitors will be enjoyed beautifully created products made of seashells. The fine arts of seashells are done minutely, through many stages. Firstly, seashells and conchs should be soaked to remove odors. Later, the artisan saw, cut, grind the products. Then they have to polish, paint until 4 days later, paint again. Through 3 times of repainting, they bring these seashells and conchs to grind, cut, trim and edit to match the pattern.

Photo: Con Dao tourist souvenir – Conchs bracelet

To create high-end fine art products such as night lamps, sailboats, flower vases ... for visitors, artisans have to skillfully combine the types of snails together in harmony.

A seashell bracelet

Con Dao seashels in Con Dao is plentiful, diverse. They are used to create various jewelry and fine arts such as necklaces, earrings; bracelet, night lamp, flower vase, ashtray…

In addition to the patient, elaborateness, artisans are also very clever and aesthetic

Photo: internet

Handicraft products in Con Dao have contributed to the diversity and richness of tourism on this mysterious island. It also give a good impression in the hearts of tourists traveling to Con.




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