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Cong QuanRelic  is built by the French with an area of ??150m2. This house is restored and belongs to the Chua Dao zone now.

This house is located in the center of Con Dao town, on the Ton Duc Thang Streetso visitors are easy to find. Tourists come here to visit the house which was built from the French period, and can stop here to watch Con Son Bay. It is so beautiful at dawn.

Cong House Relic is on the Ton Duc Thang street – Con Dao district


Cong Quan relic is a West architecture villa laid in a modest way under an ancient tree next to the way to Pier 914 and in the front of Chua Dao’s mansion. It was the house built by the French from the late 19th century, belongs to the Chua Dao zone now with anarea of ??150 m2. To the American puppet, they called this Public house  (Cong Quan)or club, as well as a stop place of the officers when they came here on duty.

The Cong Hosue Relic


A contemporary Camille Saintsaens composer, a talent French man stayed here a round month (from 20/3 to 19/4/1895).He came at the invitation of an old friend named Roussrau and Jacke island’s lord. The island’s lord gave him a warm welcome so he lived on this island as an honoured guest.During nearly a month on Con Dao island, he had the opportunity to walk the coastal path, went into primeval forests ... And he also witnessed the penal servitude prison had to do hard labor every day, such as: Soak for several hours underwater to get coral for lime, destroy stonesfor preparing the ways, pulling wood ... And the last night in Con Dao he followed the prisons to Banh I and he heard the sound of a two-chord fiddle from the detention rooms.He could not imagine in the extreme torture like that prisoners remain optimistic spirit. With the feeling of the natural beauty of sea and waves on Con Dao island, he had stayed up overnight and finished the last chapter of the "Brunechilda" opera. His concern still was manifested in the letter to Jacke island’s lord... “The landscape of this island is so wonderful, where I went through I've never seen such beautiful places, as a man in art I believe that: where beauty is respected, where evil is repealed, there no need the law ...”

They exhibit a photo of  Camille Saintsaensinside of the Cong Quan villa


Currently this house was restored, belongs to the Chua Dao zone. This is perhaps the most civilized imprint of France remains on the prison island.


Cong Quan relic was recognized as a nation’s specially important relic on 29th April 1979 by Ministry of Culture – Information with Decision No. 54-VHQD.The Prime Minister also recognized Cong Quan relic as a nation’s particular relic with decision No.548 / QD-TTg on 10th May 2012.

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