Lotus Seed Sweet Soup with Lychee

Tuesday - 28/05/2019 22:14
In hot weather, enjoy Chè is my favorite choice. And Lotus Seed Sweet Soup with Lychee (Chè V?i H?t Sen)will be the best. From many interesting Vietnamese Dessert Recipes, today I would like to introduce this one to all you guys.

Lychee has 2 Vietnamese names. L? Chi or V?i Thi?u. You should keep this recipe in your cooking book to make sure you will not forget it. And now, let us start cooking one of amazing Vietnamese Dessert Recipes right now.


200g dried lotus seeds

10 – 15 lychee

5g agar flour

300ml water

70g palm sugar

Some pandan leaves.


Step 1:

- Clean lychees covers

- Peel off the lychee cover and pick out seeds

- Sprinkle a little sugar on top and put in fridge.

Step 2:

- Clean dried lotus seeds

- Boil 2 bowls of water until it boils, pour dried lotus seeds into pot and sometime you use spoon to scoop out the dirty bubbles.

- Cook until you taste the lotus seeds more soft, add more 50g palm sugar and cook with small heat. You have to make sure that the lotus seeds is soften before adding sugar. If not, the taste and lotus seeds will not good. After that, taste again to suit your flavor.

Step 3:

- Add more lychee into pot, use spoon to stir well, turn off the heat immediately. Reason? If you cook longer, the lychee will not be crunchy anymore,

- Wait to reduce heat and put in fridge.

Step 4:

- Clean gently the pandan leaves, slice small.

- Pour into grinder with a little water, grind well. Then filter to get its extract water.

Step 5:

 Mix agar flour with pandan extract, water, 20g palm sugar and bring to cook until it boils.

- When cooking, you should stir to make sure sugar and agar flour will melt all.

Step 6:

- Pick up out of stone, pour agar mixture on bowl and put in fridge to get firm.

- Then, slice into small dice.

Finally, you finished one of stunning and fresh Vietnamese Dessert Recipes from us. When serving, scoop into bowl a little lotus seeds, lychee and add on top a litlle sliced agar dice. You also can add more ice but it is cold already; so i recommend you can eat like this. Hope you will satisfy with this recipe and good luck for your cooking

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