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Hang Duong Cemetery - The system of national historical and cultural relics
Hang Duong Cemetery is about 20 hectares wide (according to the estimated number), about 20,000 prisoners resting in Con Dao. The cemetery started to be constructed and embellished on December 19th, 1992 including 4 zones: A-B-C and D (Particularly Zone B is divided into 2 parts B1 and B2), with 1,923 graves including 714 ones named. Zone A typically has the grave of the late General Secretary - Mr. Le Hong Phong, Patriot Nguyen An Ninh; Zone B typically has the tomb of Martyr Heroine Vo Thi Sau; In zone C, there is the tomb of Martyr Hero Le Van Viet; Zone D is the gathering place of graves from Cau Island, Hang Keo Cemetery and other areas on Con Dao.
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In honor of the Martyr Heroines/Heroes and Vietnamese patriots who fought and died in Con Dao, concurrently denouncing the atrocities of the colonial and imperialist regime at Con Dao prison, there are highly generalized works of art built such as the Ceremony Area with the main monument and historical Relief of Con Dao, the stone garden with the statue of Thuy Chung (awarding clothes), the Hope statue and the Relief 'Bat Khuat'.

Hang Duong Cemetery Relic in Con Dao has been issued the Decision No. 54 - VHQD by the Ministry of Culture - Information about exceptional recognition of the important National Special Relic on 29th April 1979. On May 10th, 2012, the Prime Minister promulgated Decision No. 548/ QDTTg to recognize it as the National Special Relic.

                                            Source: Con Dao - The National tourism area management. 
                                            Photo: Internet.

Source:   Source: Con Dao - The National tourism area management. Photo: Internet.

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