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Hang Keo Cemetery relic - The system of national historical and cultural relics
Hang Keo Cemetery covers an area of 80,000m2, which buried about 10.000 prisoners killed by the French colonists at Con Dao Prison from the beginning of the twentieth century until the period of White terrorism (1940 - 1941).
Visiting Hang Keo Cemetary is the way that prisoners usually say when laying their partners to rest. There is always a melancholy song throughout the past years til now.
“Easy Con Lon comes, no return
Lean on Chua Mountain and gone in Hang Keo”
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In 1997, some graves found here were reburied, relocated to zone D - Hang Duong Cemetery in Con Dao. Currently, there are only natural forests and the underground prisoners' remains are still missing.

Source:  Source, Photo: Con Dao - The National tourism area management. 

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