The famous crab noodle soup in Con Dao

Monday - 31/10/2022 15:04
Con Dao is not only a paradise of tourism but also a paradise of countless delicious dishes, crab noodle soup is the dish most people in Con Dao eat because it has a very private flavor.
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The traditional secret of crab noodle soup in Con Dao
The most special thing about Con Dao crab noodles soup is when you enjoy the first spoonful of broth, the taste of crab, the rich taste of dried squid, and scallions is right at the tip of your tongue. Unlike other places, Con Dao crab noodle soup is not served with pork skin or sea snails. In addition to the greasy crab sauce, the bowl of crab noodles soup from the island also comes with grilled chopped fish and a plate of green vegetables.

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Con Dao crab noodle soup has a different taste compared to many places in the mainland, lies in the secret of making crab sauce and cooking broth. To cook crab vermicelli, cooks often use field crabs and sea crabs, separate crab shells, bibs and crab meat, then puree and extract crab juice.
The water used to cook Con Dao crab noodle soup is cooked using pork bones. In the process of bone stewing, people add squid with a sun, and that's why, the broth of Con Dao crab noodle soup bowl always has a very strong sweet squid taste.

Next to a crab noodle soup bowl of fragrant, hot Con Dao crab noodle soup in the peaceful atmosphere of the island, savor the rich flavor of crab vermicelli, sweet squid-flavored broth, and bite into each bite of sweet fried fish from pure sea fish meat. the bowl of vermicelli is suddenly clean still craving for diners.

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Selling price of famous crab noodle soup in Con Dao
Ms. Hai Khiem's crab noodle soup shop not only attracts "crab noodle soup addicts" or A-listers in the showbiz world, but also overseas Vietnamese and tourists from all over the world. The shop usually sells in the morning from 6 a.m. to 11 a.m. and in the afternoon from 2 p.m. to 7 p.m. daily.

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Just a few minutes after sitting at the table, the waiter will bring you a hot bowl of vermicelli with crab flavor. The price of a bowl of vermicelli here ranges from 30,000 to 35,000 VND/ bowl. Order an extra glass of soy milk or a cup of pure sugarcane juice and call it delicious. Less than 50,000 VND combo bowl of noodles and drink compared to the market price in Con Dao is very cheap.

Address of Ba Hai Khiem crab noodle shop
The most famous crab noodle dish in Con Dao is sold at Mrs. Hai Khiem's restaurant (22 Nguyen Hue).
Phone reservations for groups: 0772888093 or 0859009695

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