Tasty special ties in Con Dao

Tuesday - 28/05/2019 23:09
Though Con Dao  has become a popular destination in recent years in Vietnam, however there have not many restaurants or snacking bars here. In general, the food here is very delicious and relatively cheap. Some favorite dishes of Con Dao are seafood, or hot porridge. Once you visit Con Dao, you should enjoy the food at Tri Ky restaurant on Nguyen Duc Nhuan street, Phuong Hanh diner, which is located in a small alley, surrounded by lush green trees.

Some attractive specialties of Con Dao may be mentioned:


Vu Nang snail: These screws pyramid, fresh meats, delicious though broiled, boiled, fried, salad … especially delicious grilled onion Vu Nang snails. Restaurants here are all serving this specialty. You can enjoy seafood while watching the blue sea.


Red grouper: This is specialty of the region with chewy, sweet and aromatic meat layer.

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Con Dao Lobster and Mu Ni Lobster: Lobster is considered the “king of seafood” in Con Dao, even though its prices are not much cheaper than on the mainland but it is very fresh.


Con Dao Terminalia catappa Seed jam (or “m?t h?t bàng” in Vietnamese): This is a common tree in Con Dao. When its fruits ripe, they extract the seed inside, then fried with salt and sugar. If you went to Con Dao, this is dish that you shouln’t miss. Also, you can buy this dish as a gift for loved ones and family for about 1 to 2 $ / kg depending on the season.


Con Dao Oyster sauce: This sauce dish is indispensable in the meal of Con Dao people. It is made from meat of fresh oysters, mixed with salt, pepper, spices and then the mixture drips out fragrant reddish brown sauce.

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