Special foods of Con Dao - Her Breast snails

Tuesday - 28/05/2019 20:22
This type of snail called a very interesting name by its outward appearance like the breasts of young women who are in adolescent age. 

Her breast snail is a pyramid, straight. Its meat is white and extremely attractive.

They said that  thissnaillives only in some places, such as  Cham islet, Dai Lanh ... and Con Dao is the most appropriate place for this strange snail residing and breeding. You can find this snail all year round, but they appear in large number inthe full moon days, the middle of the lunar month.

Previously, this dish just offerfor kings, but gradually, with the development and proliferation of this snail, it became a daily and unique dish of people on the island.

Like many other snails, her breast snail can be processed into many delicious dishes such as boiled, baked, mixedor salad. Boiling is quickest  andmost convenient. You just wash snail with clean water and  put them into the pot for boiling. When snails are done, you only use a knife to get the meat out of the shell snails. After that you wash snails with clean water again and then irrigate them with hot water. Snail meat will change from ivory into yellow. And now your task is putting  snails with a mix of lemon, pepper and salt to enjoy them,feeling very crispy and sweet meat.

If you are lucky, you can enjoy snails which still hold milk in their body. That dish has a rich and sweet –smelling taste which can not be mistaken with other snails.

After taking an afternoon stroll in the glow sunset on vast beach of white sand, nothing can be compared to enjoyinga bowl of boiled or any other way of processing her breast snails  and listening soft sounds of the earth and sky.

Therefor, if by chance or deliberately visit here, do not be too surprised when someone suddenly reads this lyrics following:

"Who go through Tham and Bai Bang?

Ask Ong Dung that “has her breast snail grown yet? ” "

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