Special foods of Con Dao - Sweet snail inCon Dao

Tuesday - 28/05/2019 20:21
Anybody  who travelled  to Con Dao can not forget the Sweet snailcuisine in Con Dao with delicious, wonderful taste. We make sure you will remember about it and want to travel to this island to discover amazing things here.

This snail is usually sold in markets and pretty cheap. Fishermen collect this snail when the tide goes down. At that time snail clingto rocks so very easy to pick up us. They bring snail to the market for selling with the price of 25,000 VND/kilo. Sweet snail has a layer of  thick, gray shell, its mouth has no eyebrows and it live in coastal areas.

The first way to make this snail is boiling, then raise by a thorn and dip with a mix of lemon, pepper and salt. The second way is raising meat from shell and use this  to mix with banana flower.

Detail of the first way: boiling is a simple way to enjoy this snail. After buying snails from the market, you soak them with rice water and some chillis in about 30 minutes for getting rid of dirty from snails. When you see no slime, crush a few branchesof lemongrass, left on the bottom of pot,  pour some of water inthis pot and boil  for about 15 minutes. Then you just enjoy them.

Using a thorn of tangerine, grapefruit trees (or sharp stick) to take their meat out. You should pay attention that after boiled meat snails will shrink deep inside the shell. Thus, if you want to get the whole body of snails, you must use sharp sticksto stab deeply intothe body of snail for taking all the meat out.

The second way: It will take you more time to make a mix of snail with vegetable but no difficulty. We also boil snailsfirst. Then taking meat out of the shell and put in a bowl. Then slices banana flower into thin slices. And mix meat andsliced banana flower together. Then add sugar, monosodium glutamate,vinegar, some well-kneaded fragrant khotweeds and roasted, rammed peanuts into this bowl. You can add more chili (if you like) then mix well and serve on a plate. This dish is used by dipping with a mix of sauce, lemon and garlic. We ensure this very attractivewith the taste of sweet and sour. Now is the time for enjoying this.

Let's explore all secrets of this area, Con Dao where keeps traditional the beauty of history, natural beauty and many delicious cuisines.

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