Best Vietnamese Sea Urchin Porridge Food (Chao Nhim Bien)

Tuesday - 28/05/2019 11:32
There have many spectacular and best Vietnamese Food. In previous post, I told you 3 ways to cook Sea Urchin. Today, I will introduce another way to create an amazing dish. It is Sea Urchin Porridge, one special gift from the Sea.

There are 2 types of Sea Urchin, they are white and black one. Meat of Black Sea Urchins is fishy than White ones.

However, with who has passion in food, they usually choose black Sea urchins to eat.

The first and most important to cook one of Best Vietnamese Food – Sea Urchin Porridge is fresh. After clean it, you should use scissors or small knife to cut in half. If you know to way to see inside Sea Urchin, there are 12 sections of meat and eggs as well.

You need carefully separate eggs and meat into 2 parts. Next, you embalm eggs with multi-flavor, sliced spring onion and a little fish sauce. Pour olive oil into pan, wait to boil and put eggs in, cook about 3 minutes or less (depends on eggs from Sea Urchin). Turn off the heat and pour into the hot soup pot which is boiling.

Waiting until the rice is soft, turn off the heat, scoop into bowl, add more sliced spring onion and scrimp (If you love it) then you can use it. Most Best Vietnamese Food is not only delicious, but also is colorful. It can make people feel more appetizing when eating. The green of Spring onion mixes with the yellow from eggs sea urchin will create a beautiful picture on your dish. Moreover, the flavor of dish will make everyone want to try at least once time in their lives.

Sea Urchin is the most perfect Gift from the Sea. Its flavor is not similar with any seafood. It not only has the sourness like scallop, the sweetness from crabs and scrimps. This dish is really delicious and good for your health as well.  It can increase calcium for bones. They live in water where  has many coral and these coral is the main food of Sea Urchins.
Where Sea Urchins lives .

To sum up, if you are planing to visit Vietnam, do not forget to feel free enjoy one of Best vietnamese food - Sea Urchin Porridge in our Beautiful country. Hope you have an amazing trip and Good Luck

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