Grouper Fish Hotpot (Lau Ca Mu)

Tuesday - 28/05/2019 20:14
From many Traditional Vietnamese food, most popular ingredient is fish. In many of sea fishes, grouper is considered a popular one due to its meat is delicious, nice, sweet and brittle. There are many cooking style for this dish like steamed gingers, onion, porridge. However, the gourmet people and local people will choose the Grouper fish hot pot.

Grouper has a brown skin, fatty meat and the flesh is brittle. If you chew it many times, the taste of it will be sweeter. During cooking time, if you add more ingredients, the taste of its meat will reduce. So the best way to cook this Traditional Vietnamese Food is using as few ingredients as well.

The grouper are cut in many average pieces to get quickly boiled. You can add some pineapple and tomato into the broth. By doing it, you can take the sweet and sour taste for the broth. To the broth, you can put more sugar and place the fish into the broth after the broth is boiled 5-10 minutes.

The vegetables for this Traditional Vietnamese Food are variable like spinach, banana flower are sliced in pieces. Besides, the dish is more delicious if it use with the sauce fish which are mixing lemon and chili.

The beef, pork or chicken can bored you, so it is so fantastic and wonderful to eat this hot pot with family. The families’ members seat together around the pot and talking and sharing experiences. This dish is a popular food of KienGiang’s people. In Ho Chi Minh City, you can take this dish in some big restaurants.

It is warm and happy for everyone when eating this Traditional Vietnamese Food together in the cold time of November. So come and enjoy this food when travel to Vietnam. Hope you have a happy trip in our beautiful country and do not miss any stunning dish here.

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