Pomelo sweet pudding: A great summertime treat

Monday - 27/05/2019 14:30
A pomelo sweet pudding is such a great summertime treat as it is light, easy to eat, and very good for health.

Pomelo sweet pudding is a pure and light dessert containing mung bean, pomelo skin, and coconut milk. The mung beans should be selected carefully. Young beans which are medium-sized and have a green flesh are the best choice.

You should choose a big pomelo with thick white skin. The preparation is not difficult but it takes time and patience. The challenge of this recipe is to get rid of the bitterness associated with the white skin.

Cut the white skin into small cubes and mix with salt, press gently and rinse under water several times. Afterward, continue soaking in alum for several minutes to make the pomelo cubes crunchier. Rinse again under running water before mixing the cubes with sugar for 1-2 hours until the cubes become translucent. Next, roll them in tapioca starch and put all the cubes into a boiling pot. Cook until they float on the water. Then move the cubes to a bowl of ice, which helps make the cubes crunchier and chewier.

The mung beans are soaked in water about one hour before being steamed. Steam the beans until tender. The beans should retain their shape, and not be crushed.

In a pot, cook water with sugar and tapioca starch. Gently stir the mixture until it gets thick and clear. When it boils, add the steamed mung beans and pomelo cubes and stir gently until well-mixed. Finally, your dessert is finished.

Scoop into small bowls, add crushed ice, pour a little coconut milk on top, and enjoy. This is a popular treat that can cool you off on hot summer days.

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