Muong gongs festival kicks off in Hoa Binh

Tuesday - 28/05/2019 16:13
The second Muong Gongs Festival opened at Hoa Binh’s provincial Cultural Palace on November 16, as one of the activities to mark the 130th anniversary of Hoa Binh Province’s original establishment and the 25th anniversary of its reestablishment.

The opening ceremony featured the participation of 300 artisans, who performed with Muong gongs.

Under the framework of the festival, a series of activities will be held, including a traditional clothes performance, a Muong gong street parade and a gong performance.

Visitors will have an opportunity to enjoy a special performance by 1,600 artisans and actors. Following the conclusion of the performance, the event will be recognised by the Vietnam Guinness Book of Records Centre for the second time.

Gongs are preserved as heirlooms in many ethnic Muong villages. Every melodious gong cadence is played by Muong people with pride, patriotism and a spirit of inheritance of traditional culture.

A complete Muong orchestra consists of twelve gongs with three groups: the dam, the bong and the tle. Besides its musical significance, a gong orchestra symbolises the twelve months of the year. 
Muong people consider the sound of a gong as the voice of the people. Gongs are therefore an indispensable element in the ceremonial events of Muong families. The ethnic minority wants to use the sound of the gong as a language with which to communicate with the Earth, the land, spirits and their ancestors and to pray for their happiness and prosperity.

The event promises to create a chance for artisans to exchange views and increase the gong’s cultural value in every locale. It also aims to introduce the Vietnamese people to the world, as well as the tourism potential of the country’s mountainous areas.

The festival runs until November 18.

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