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Monday - 27/05/2019 13:20
In recent years, BR-VT tourism companies have focused on promoting information and images at the tourism fair. The results showed that enterprises take care of the quality of services to marketing, advertising products and services have been used by customers.


The Ho Chi Minh City Tourism Festival in 2018 takes place at 23-9 Park (District 1, Ho Chi Minh City) from 12 to 15 April. BR-VT has 16 units, businesses participate in the promotion of the local tourism industry, including Con Dao National Park Management, Provincial Tourism Corporation, Pullman Hotel, Malibu Hotel, cluster DIC Hotel Star-Cap Saint Jacques, Union Hotel, The Palm Hotel, Ngoc Hanh Hotel, Green Hotel, Huong Phong - Ho Coc Beach Resort, The Grand - Ho Tram Strip, Vietsovpetro Resort, Carmelina Beach Resort, Museum of Ancient Weapons ...

Green hotel staff (2nd, from left) introduces guests at Ho Chi Minh Tourism Festival 2018.

Representatives of enterprises have the same comment: Tourism Festival TP. Ho Chi Minh City is located in the park 23-9, located in a convenient location, right in the heart of District 1 should attract more people to visit, learn. Customers interested in information products, services BR-VT more, especially resorts, hotels has beach, swimming pools because the weather is hot season. Besides offering successful products, creating revenue from the festival, opening opportunities for cooperation with new partners, tourism industry and tourism companies have promoted good tourism images to the local market. Ho Chi Minh City and the Southeast provinces before the summer tourist season 2018.

Ms.Do Duc Hanh, marketing communication specialist of Vietsovpetro Resort (Xuyen Moc district) said that every year the unit also participated in this event. Previously, the resort mainly distributed leaflets, folding, photo projection of geographic location, service packages. Visitors mainly listen to service consultants and then get the flyers, folded away. This year, the resort changed the form of advertising, marketing and selling vouchers at 1.5 million VND / night / 2 people (including breakfast, lunch or dinner) to attract visitors to the resort on weekdays. "This program has just been sold at the festival has sold through online channels. Thanks to that, many people know and buy. The revenue from the festival is nearly 200 million dong, "said Do Duc Hanh.

Ms Nguyen Thi Kieu Anh, Deputy Director of Carmelina Beach Resort (Xuyen Moc District) said that the resort was the first time to participate in the festival and achieved good results. The price of VND1.6 million per night, green landscape, vegetable garden of the resort impressed visitors. Many retail customers have bought the service on the spot, some travel companies have exchanged telephone and email, promising to increase the number of tourists for the resort this summer.


According to the statistics of the Provincial Tourism Information Center, turnover of tourism businesses at the Ho Chi Minh Tourism Festival is nearly 700 million, including about 300 tours to travel BR-VT. From Ho Chi Minh City (coming back in the day) and many vouchers stay weekday, low season has been sold. Representatives of many enterprises shared: What show at the fair is the face of enterprises, the local tourism. Therefore, when going to the fair, businesses are introducing beautiful images of facilities, quality service system, professional service. However, individual enterprises, despite good service, preferential prices are still difficult to attract customers, but when there is role of state management agencies, power to spread image to the province are more powerful. "The success of Vietsovpetro Resort at Ho Chi Minh Tourism Festival is thanks to all these factors," said Do Duc Hanh.

According to Trinh Ngoc Hoan, Director of the Provincial Tourism Promotion Center, the promotion of tourism, participation in events, fairs, exhibitions, festivals is an indispensable activity. Over the past years, the major tourist markets of BR-VT are Ho Chi Minh City, Dong Nai, Binh Duong, Tay Ninh and the provinces and cities of the South West. Identifying the main source of visitors, BR-VT also selected major tourism events in Ho Chi Minh City to promote the image. In particular, Ho Chi Minh Tourism Festival and Ho Chi Minh International Tourism Fair are two events that BR-VT tourism industry participates annually. In addition, in 2018, the tourism industry is expected to organize some events promoting tourism in the locality to create echoes to attract tourists such as Festival of light harmonics; Festival link - develop coastal provinces and cities; welcome ceremony for ship guests; fair

promotion of foreign markets organized by National Administration of Tourism ... "All of these tasks are step by step brining BR-VT back to the list of top tourist destinations, domestic and international routes," she said. Said Trinh Ngoc Hoan.


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