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On May 10th, 2012, the Prime Minister promulgated Decision No. 548/ QD-TTg to recognize the following relics as the National Special Monument
Built-in 1873 with a length of more than 110m in front of the Island Lord Palace, and going straight to Con Son Bay. Remaining marks over time are large blocks of stone, those crushed and buried hundreds of prisoners' bodies as they pulled stones from Chua mountain. The number 914 is only an estimate of the number of prisoners who died of building pier ships. This place is used to be covered with red flags and yellow stars on the Success of the August Revolution in 1945, the day our country was completely liberated in 1975, and especially the moment of witnessing thousands of prisoners free to return to the mainland. At present, even though it was far from that painful time, each stone still sounded like the songs: "Con Lon, each stone is one life ...", "And here is the stone covering pier, so many piles of stone, so much blood ...".
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Source:  Source, Photo: Con Dao - The National tourism area management/Thu Thao

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