Historic Revolutionary Relic System of Con Dao Prison

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Historic Revolutionary Relic System of Con Dao Prison is the largest and oldest Prison Relic in Vietnam.
          Historic Revolutionary Relic System of Con Dao Prison is the largest and oldest Prison Relic in Vietnam. During 113 years of existence (1862-1975), the French colonialists and American imperialists, in turn, detained tens of thousands of revolutionary soldiers and patriotic compatriots. They turned Con Dao into a "hell on Earth" in a very sophisticated and brutal way with the prison system, French ‘Tiger Cages’, American ‘Tiger Cages’, isolated ‘Cow Cages’ to lose the will of the Revolutionary soldiers.

          With these great historical values, on 10th May 2012, the Prime Minister signed Decision No. 548/ QD-TTg for recognizing it as the Special National Relic Site with a total protection area of 110,69 ha. Nowadays, the Special National Relic Site - Con Dao Prison is always preserved and developed in the best way about traditional education for tomorrow's generation today.
From 1862 to 1940, the French Colonialist built a prison system in Con Dao to detain prisoners with prison camps such as Bagne 1, Bagne 2, Bagne 3, sub-Bagne 3 (Age of American Imperialism named Phu Hai, Phu Son, Phu Tho, Phu Tuong Camp), French ‘Tiger Cages’, isolated ‘Cow Cages’ with hundreds of cells and other forms of torture, exile, and very brutal and cruel prisoners' maltreatment.
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                                                                                            Photo: Bage 1 - Phu Hai Camp
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                                                                                    Photo: Isolated 'Cow Cages' - Internet

During the U.S imperialism period, more jails are built such as Camp 5 (Phu Phong), Camp 6 (Phu An), Camp 7 (Phu Binh), Camp 8 (Phu Hung) to detain prisoners, including Phu Binh Camp, also known as the famous American 'Tiger Cages', a place torturing prisoners extremely cruelly.
In total, Con Dao Prison System over two periods under French colonialism and U.S imperialism have 117 detention rooms, 44 cells, 504 isolated 'Tiger Cages' rooms.
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Photo: Camp 7/Phu An camp
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Photo: Camp 5/Phu Phong camp

Source: Con Dao - The National tourism management / Thu Thao

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