Visiting tour: Con Dao Town – Cows Cages – Skulls field – Ma Thien Lanh Bridge – Ms Phi Yen Temple – Nui Mot Pagoda – Co Office – Con Dao Museum

Tuesday - 28/05/2019 20:45
After going to Con Dao market, visitors will be taken to Cows Cages on Vo Thi Sau street. This is the site where Americans - puppet soldiers brought political prisoners opposing saluting the flag in fetters captivity there.

Keep straight to the end of Vo Thi Sau street, visitors will come to Ma Thien Lanh Bridge. They named this bridge Ma Thien Lanh with two unfinished bridge abutments built by blood and bones of hundreds of prisoners.

The tour of the visitors not only stop at above historic location but also come to Ms Phi Yen Ba Temple or An Son Temple, the shrine of  Ms Phi Yen – A royal concubine of  Nguyen Phuc Anh Lord (Nguyen Anh). People of Con Dao hold theannual solemn memorial ceremony for her on 18th October.

It only takes visitors  a short drive more to come Nui Mot pagoda or Van Son Tu pagoda. This pagoda was started for embellishing on 13rdAugust 2010 and finished on 04th December 2011. Van Son Tu pagoda is a cultural structure, with deep cultural traditions of Vietnamese Nation. Continuing along the coastal road, the car will take visitors  toCo office, a place showing photographs, remembrances of  Vo Thi Sau, the heroic young woman martyr. The last stop of the tour is Con Dao Museum. Tourists will be considered the images, historic remembrances of Con Dao and people here. They are also listened tour guides talking about the crimes of colonialism, empire and the heroic struggle of the Con Dao prison in two wars against the French and Americans. 

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