Visiting tour: Tourism Pier – Bay Canh Islet – Cau Islet

Tuesday - 28/05/2019 20:46
Ships will pick up visitors from Tourism Pier and take them to Bay Canh islet. When looking back the starting position, visitors can survey all of view  of Con Son bay. 

From a long way off,  the five star Resort, Six Senses is located on the foot of Lo Voi mountain. It is designed with an ancient and luxurious beauty. The ship will pass through pearl areas of Con Dao. Visitors can see how they create pearls here.

Big sand beach on Bay Canh Islet

On the way, if you are lucky, you can catch dolphin chasing  the ships or Dugong fish coming to the surface to breathe or sea turtles (a kind of turtle) making love in the breeding season. They resurface on the sea and ignore tourists filming, photography as they like. Visitors can pause for few positions to try fishing or diving to watch colorful coral with many kinds of fish swimming around on the way. Visitors can take a mangrove swamp tour, stop off at the sea turtle conservation station to explore the growth line of sea turtles, and especially visitors can stay overnight on Bay Canh islet to see sea ??turtles crawl up the sand to lay their eggs.

Big sand beach on Bay Canh Islet

Then ships continue to bring tourists to Cau Islet. This is the second island of Con Dao with the fresh water circuit. Tourists can view and learn about where detained Pham Van Dong soldier. Besides, they also visit coconut forest on the island to enjoy sweet coconut juice. There is a beautiful, romanticand wild beach where visitors can relax leisurely and bath for as long as they like.

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