Two scenic spots in Con Dao Island

Monday - 27/05/2019 15:29
Cable television network CNN (USA) has announced the list of paradise island of Asia resort with green beaches and peaceful space, among them is Con Dao of Vietnam. Con Dao is such a paradise of vacation and discovery.

Con Dao is considered as a tourist destination, resort as a paradise.Coming to Con Dao, in addition to sightseeing, explore the historical or immersed in the clear blue water or scuba diving sea view, kayaking, excursions to spawn turtles and bird's nest …, visitors are also experienced with great sightings such as Shark Peak, Chim Chim Peak.

It is called Shark Peak because when looking at the map, this area looks like Shark nose and there are a lot of sharks in the sea in this area. Standing on the Shark Peak, looking northeast you will see the entire scene of Con Son Bay; Bay Canh isle, Bong Lan isle; Tai Lon isle, Tai Nho isle; Trac lon isle, Trac nho isle. In the southwest you will be able to see the Peak of Love and Vung isle.

Named for the bird foot because the shape from the plane looking down the nose is divided into three branches like the bird foot. Over time it is called Chim Chim peak. Standing here, in front of us is Bay Canh where hundreds of times each year Turtles mother nest, laying eggs, next to it is Cau island, there are fresh coconut water. In the southwest is Con Son Bay and far away is the Tai Lon isle, Tai Nho isle; Trac lon isle, Trac nho isle, where got old eagletrees and beautiful coral reefs surround.

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