Mission of 7th Military Region Command to visit and Happy New Year to Con Dao

Monday - 27/05/2019 15:18
On the occasion of preparations for the traditional Lunar New Year 2018, in 2 days 2 and 3/2, the delegation of Military Region 7 Commanded by General Vo Minh Luong - Member of Central Party, Commander of Military Zone. The leader of the delegation visited, congratulated officials, soldiers and people of Con Dao district. The leaders of Ba Ria - Vung Tau Military Headquarters are on the way.

Comrades incense at Hang Duong cemetery

Immediately after arriving at the island, the delegation visited the Hang Duong cemetery, placed wreaths and lit incense burner, expressed deep gratitude to the great merit of revolutionary soldiers and sacrificed patriots. For the cause of national liberation is resting on the land of Con Dao sacred.

Then, delegation of Military Region 7 met, visited and wished the Lunar New Year, officers and people of Con Dao district.

On behalf of leaders of Con Dao District, Mr.Nguyen Van Dung - Vice Chairman of District People's Committee reported to Lieutenant General Vo Minh Luong - Member of Party Central Committee, Commander of Military Zone 7 and delegation of outstanding results on the socio-economic development, security and defense in the district in 2017 and the direction and tasks in 2018; The preparation for serving people in the district happy New Year, welcome spring 2018.

Report to the delegation on the task of deploying combat readiness and preparing Tet for island officials and soldiers, and command the district armed forces units to report on the results. Achievements in the past year, the work of fighting readiness, national defense, security and order maintaining during Tet. Besides, the units also attach importance to the preparation, care for the caring New Year to help cadres and soldiers welcome the traditional New Year in the joyful & meaningful atmosphere. Apart from the standards of the Ministry of National Defense, the Military Region, the provincial and district levels, the armed force on island also increased its production, actively provided food sources to the army and coordinated with the residential areas where the units were stationed. banh chung (glutinious rice cake), cultural exchange, cultural and physical training.

Lieutenant General Vo Minh Luong - Commander of the Military Region congratulated the efforts of the Party, government, army and people of the island district to fulfill the tasks of socio-economic development, defense and security. At the same time, it is expected that the armed forces, people and army on the island will continue to unite, bring into play the achievements and strive to achieve new achievements in the fields that contribute to building a prosperous island.

For armed forces troops stationed in the island district, Lieutenant General Vo Minh Luong - Commander of the Military Region wanted the units to coordinate closely in performing the task of protecting the sovereignty and security of sea islands of the Fatherland; always raise the spirit of vigilance, ready to receive and complete all assigned tasks; ensuring material well-being, spirit, organization for the team to welcome Happy New Year safe and thrifty.

On the occasion of preparation for the new year of the spring of 2018, General Vo Minh Luong, Member of the Party Central Committee, Commander of Military Zone 7 on behalf of the Party Committee, Military Command Highlights the gift and send greetings and congratulations on New year to all officers, soldiers and people in Con Dao district.

On the business trip in the island, the delegation also visited, giving gifts to policy beneficiaries in the district.

At the policy families, the delegation members sent a warm greeting to the subjects of war martyrs' wives, soldiers and former political prisoners of Con Dao. At the same time, motivating families to maintain and promote the revolutionary tradition, is always typical example in the local.

On this occasion, the delegation of the 7th Military Region Command has donated Tet gifts and wished the policy beneficiaries in the district to welcome the happy and warm New Year.

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