Review Conference on Culture, Society and Tourism, Administrative reforms implementation in Con Dao district in 2017

Monday - 27/05/2019 15:03
On January 12, at the Conference Hall of the People's Committee of Con Dao district organized a conference to sum up the Culture, Society and Tourism, Administrative reforms in 2017 and implement the 2018 orientation and tasks.

In 2017, under the leadership of District Party Committee, People's Council, District People's Committee, together with the task of economic development, the tasks in the field of culture - social - tourism are well implemented and attained. positive result; Contribute to the overall development of Con Dao district. Specifically:

In terms of education and training: At present, there are 4 schools from kindergartens to upper secondary schools, one regular and vocational education center with nearly 2,300 students and 87 classes. All of them reach the national standard school

In the school year of 2017 - 2018, although the number of pupils at all levels increased by 136 pupils compared to the previous school year but did not affect the quality of education, vice versa, the quality of teaching and learning at grade level was significantly increased. The rate of mobilizing children and pupils has basically reached the set target, specifically: children attending kindergarten with the rate of 68%; Preschool: 98%. 100% of 5 year olds are in class. 100% of 6-year-olds enter class 1. 100% of pupils completing primary education continue in grade 6. District continues to be recognized for universal completion of preschool 5 years; universal primary education level II, junior secondary school degree 2016 and complete application for recognition in 2017.

The Continuing Education and Career Center continues its mission of universal education, literacy, educational enrichment and training link in the district. Maintaining and stabilizing the numbers, teaching; At the same time, continue implementing English communication classes in the district in accordance with the English teaching and learning project from 2015 to 2018.

In parallel with the implementation of teaching and learning tasks, in the past year, the district education sector has successfully organized the 9th Phu Dong Health Club of  Con Dao district, in 2017 and mobilize students - teachers actively participating in the 6th District Sport Festival.

By this time, the educational facilities in the district have completed the content, program of the first semester, 2017 - 2018 school year according to the progress of the province. The facilities of the school and the class continue to be invested by the various sectors to meet the learning needs of the people.

In the field of health: In 2017, the health sector of Con Dao district has effectively implemented the plan, doing well care and protection of people's health and officers - combatants armed forces closed in the district. Disease prevention and control has been implemented effectively, especially dengue fever, foot and mouth disease, mumps are prevented timely, not to outbreak large, wide area; coordinate with the medical teams of hospitals from the mainland to the island to provide medical treatment and free medicine for nearly 2,000 turns of officers, soldiers and people in the district. The national health target program was on schedule and reached the target by Con Dao district health.

In the past year, the military medical center of the district has received over 24,000 visitors to medical examination and treatment. During the year, hundreds of minor surgeries were successfully performed at the center. In addition, the health sector in Con Dao district has implemented a comprehensive vaccination program, reaching a rate of 100%. Organizing vaccination for mothers and children according to periodically. Food safety and hygiene work is always ensured.

In the field of culture, information and sports: Activities to celebrate the country's great holidays, events of the province and the district are organized solemnly by the agencies, timely response to the source of information to the public and contribute to raise the demand for cultural and spiritual enjoyment for officers - soldiers and people of Con Dao. In 2017, the Center for Culture, Information and Sports has built dozens of mobile information and art programs to serve cadres, soldiers and people of Con Dao on the big holidays in the year; Successfully organized sports and physical activities on the occasion of traditional Lunar New Year and festivals.

The district library organized a display and exhibition of 500 kinds of spring newspapers; Management - store 24,799 books, newspapers; allocate 50 library cards; serving 70,708 readers;

Renovation and embellishing of monuments, collections and promotion of cultural relics have been satisfactorily carried out by the Management Board of the Monuments and Con Dao Museum to meet the demands of study and study tours of the people and visitors. 15,256 delegations visited the site. Con Dao Monument Management has received contributions of organizations and individuals in the renovation and embellishing of monuments with the amount of nearly 13 billion.

Radio and television broadcasting has promoted the role and position of the propaganda of the Party's head, the State's legal policy, timely serving the political activities of the locality. At the same time, Con Dao Island has also actively cooperated with Ba Ria-Vung Tau province's radio and television stations and media agencies to contribute information and publicity on Con Dao's image.

In particular, in 2017, Con Dao district jointly organized the live broadcasting of "Sacred Vietnamese" and "Followed by his father" on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of martyrs'; Organizing the ninth Healthy life and the congress of physical training and sports in Con Dao district VI ...

Being a cultural island district, from the year of 2000 to present, Con Dao always holds the title of this district. The building of cultural life at grassroots level is consolidated and strengthened. Cultural enjoyment of people in the area is estimated at 30 times / person / year; There are 1,441 / 1,574 households in the district, reaching " Culture family” , accounting for over 96%. 10/10 residential area reached cultural area. Accordingly, spiritual life of cadres, soldiers and people has been improved.

Tourism: Being an island district of Ba Ria-Vung Tau province, Con Dao has many advantages for socio-economic development, especially tourism such as sea, forests, National historical monument, ... In 2017 closed, look back Con Dao Tourism a year; The island government, the military and the island district are proud because Con Dao is investing and exploiting effectively the tourism potential of the locality.

In 2017, the island district welcomed more than 240,000 visitors to the resort; increased by 46% compared to 2016; of which 32,000 international visitors; increased 4% over the previous year. Total turnover of Services - Tourism 1,165,916 million, up 45% compared with 2016. Currently, the district has 46 business establishments serving tourists, with 921 rooms per room. About 2,361 people / night.

At the same time, investment projects in Con Dao are also increasing; Among them, there are more and more resorts and high-grade resorts with big investment capital. Organized the introduction of publications, tourist maps, travel guide at Con Dao airport and provide accommodation and tour business in the district to promote Con Dao National Tourism. Island. In addition, the quality of staff and staff serving in the accommodation and visiting places in the district has been improved both in quality and quantity. Development of tourism has made Con Dao change dramatically with more and better infrastructure, living standards of people are increasingly raised.

In the field of Justice: In 2017, the Justice Division in collaboration with the Provicial Department of Justice held 03 training sessions on the handling of administrative violations with more than 200 participants. In addition, the Judicial Division advised the district People's Committee to hold 41 law dissemination meetings with more than 2,132 participants.

At present, there are 10 grassroots conciliation groups with 50 conciliators who are structured in each residential area. In 2017, the grassroots reconciliation teams reconcile 10 cases, the results of reconciliation into 07 cases, not to 03 cases. Coordinated with the Provicial Department of Justice to organize 2 training sessions on conciliation at the grassroots level for 10 conciliation groups in the district with more than 70 participants.

Along with that, the reception and settlement of the certification and civil status in the district has been rigidly coordinated with “One-door” gadget, promptly advise the district People's Committee settling in accordance with the provisions of the law, increasingly stable, orderly in accordance with the regulations. In 2017, the district Justice Division received and cleared 5,601 issues, the fees collected were over VND40 million and 278 civil status cases, collecting fees of VND4.3 million.

On internal affairs - ensuring social security: In 2017, the Department of Labor, War Invalids and Social Affairs has done well functions and tasks; To advise and assist the district People's Committees in performing the State management over organizations; the payrolling of the State administrative bodies and public non-business units; administrative reforms; local government; emulation and rewards; ... policies to ensure social security for the objects are deployed fully and timely. Providing tuition fee exemption and reduction to support the study cost for the second semester of 2016-2017 in the district for 112 students with the amount of over 457 million dong, the first semester of 2017-2018 for 125 students with the amount of over 382 million. Coordinated with Vung Tau Tourism Vocational College to organize professional class of restaurants for 20 rural workers in the district, organized 01 professional class of table & chamber service for 26 rural laborers.

Tet gifts for 29 poor families, poor households, near poor households in accordance with the provincial standard on the occasion of the Lunar New Year 2017 with the amount of 37,600,000 from the fund for the poor, giving Tet gifts for 63 the social fund with the amount of 37.8 million VND from the provincial budget. Residents, pupils and students in the district are guaranteed 100% timely health insurance card issued.

In addition, the Department has developed a plan to implement sustainable poverty reduction activities in 2017 and implement measures to reduce poverty; Job creation for 315 employees. Administrative reform has also made significant progress, contributing significantly to the development of a strong government system.

For social insurance, health insurance (social insurance, health insurance): up to 31/12/2017 has collected 32,768,520,000, reaching 102% of the plan; The rate of social insurance debt 0.75%. In 2017, 56 employees were joined to social insurance; increased 11 volunteer social insurance participants; increased 51 volunteer social insurance compared to 2016.

On the management of specific associations: The specific associations operate according to the principles and purposes of the association, contributing to strengthening the national unity block. In it, the Red Cross, many members have enthusiastic spirit, stick with the Association. The association maintains the activities of two voluntary blood donation teams, meeting 100% of the blood demand for emergency and treatment in the district.

The District Study Encouragement Association conducts well the promotion of learning, encouraging, building "family learning", "learning unit" and "learning community" to contribute to education and training of the district. Developing and achieving high results, at the same time contributing to improve people's knowledge and create quality human resources for the district.

On the basis of the results achieved, the agencies and units of the socio-culture and tourism sector determine: In 2018, will continue to actively follow the assigned targets, timely advise, to organize the tasks well by the assigned field; education, health and culture are maintained and implemented in a quality manner; to promptly propagate and disseminate the Party's undertakings and policies and the tasks of socio-economic development, national defense and security in the localities; social welfare, employment, poverty reduction and the settlement of policy regimes forsocial policy beneficiaries are regularly paid attention to better implementation; National target programs on health, prevention and control of social evils continue to be concerned, deep deployment .... to complete and exceed the district's socio-economic development targets in 2018; contributing to the successful implementation of the Resolution of the Ninth Party Congress, the term 2015-2020.

At the Conclusion Conference, the People's Committee of Con Dao district has rewarded 4 collectives for outstanding achievements in the performance of tasks in 2017; commended 2 collectives and 1 individual for outstanding achievements in administrative reform in 2017.

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