Con Dao district police deployed in 2018

Monday - 27/05/2019 14:48
Recently, Con Dao district police held a conference to review the work in 2017 and deploy the task in 2018.

In 2017, with the attention of the Party committees, the local authorities, the close guidance of the provincial police and the efforts of the soldiers and police officers in Con Dao district achieved remarkable results. Criminal cases have been curtailed and reduced over the previous year. Regarding the maintenance of social order and safety, in the past year, the district police force has focused on doing well the prevention work, taking the initiative in grasping the situation, strictly managing the localities and subjects and promptly delivering. He has advised the Party Committee and the local government to solve many complicated issues related to national security, ethnicity and religious security.

In 2017, there will be 12 criminal offenses in the area, decreasing 7 cases compared to 2016; Crime and drug trafficking have occurred in 8 cases, 8 cases, increasing 7 cases compared to the previous year. In addition, the district police also issued a decision to sanction administrative violations 19 cases, 25 objects of illegal storage and use of narcotics.

Traffic safety has been reported in the whole district, 6 cases of traffic accidents, 5 cases over the same period last year, resulting in the death of 7 people, injured 2 persons; Damage to 5 motorcycles. In addition, the district police have done well to launch the emulation movement, in which the focus is on the protection of national security, the work of ensuring social order and safety, building the movement full the people in charge of national security and security have promptly made good work of grasping the situation, strengthening the people's reception .... At the same time, the district police successfully fulfilled the task of ensuring political security in the district during the major holidays and political activities of the local as well as the province, the central government took place in the district.

Speaking at the conference, Le Van Phong, deputy head of the district People's Committee, praised and acknowledged the results achieved by the district police. At the same time, in 2018, the district police should intensify the advisory work for District Party Committees and People's Committees of districts to direct party committees at all levels and branches to closely coordinate with police forces in the task of securing to ensure political security, maintain social order and security, highly efficiency crime prevention; to further enhance the work of education, politics, ideology, tighten discipline; to implement the study and follow Ho Chi Minh's thoughts, examples and style in association with the campaign to "build the people's security style for bravery, humanity, for the people to serve"; Organizing the peak of the offensive against criminals, effectively fighting with dangerous criminal crimes, new crimes, law violations in youth to intensify the patrols of road traffic, temporary shelter, temporary absence. Thereby, contributing to maintain political security and social order and safety in the district. In the first quarter of the year, the district police will focus on drastic measures and plans to prevent crimes, ensure traffic order and safety, fire and explosion prevention; preventing and fighting against activities of production, trading, storing and using illegal firecrackers during the Lunar New Year; to coordinate with the armed forces in the area to ensure the maintenance of security and order, social order and safety, serving the people in a happy and safe spring.

On this occasion, Con An district's police awarded certificates of merit to two teams won the title of winning units and 9 individuals won the emulation of grassroots units in 2017.

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