Con Dao district in jubilant and excited New Year's Eve of 2018

Monday - 27/05/2019 14:41
The worries of doing business in a year has closed, the shopping days are over pressure. Short evening of the 30th lunar year, after the family has finished the ritual all-year-end, is also the time people on the island can take to welcome New Year's Eve. As late as night, the amount of people poured into the street more crowded, people in radiant and exhilarating face, spring exposure makes the atmosphere of Tet in Con Dao more bustling, fun.

At 10pm, the islanders from the spring enjoyment areas, spring flower gardens towards Ton Duc Thang coastal road - where historic pier 914 to see fireworks welcome the new year 2018.

After a series of days of the sea because the wind blows strong, Con Dao at night of 30 Tet, favorable weather, warm air, gentle sea. Therefore, it is not only adults but also families who take their children to the beach to admire the fireworks display will take place right at the moment of New Year's Eve. Somewhere in the sky, the words "Spring, Spring, Spring ..." make people more excited, excited.

At 0 o'clock, everyone's waiting was paid off when the fireworks show really made an impressive light party. The fireworks were racing to explode, breaking the sea of Con Dao at night of 30 Tet - sparkling, brilliant.

Thousands of eyes pointing towards the sky, the cheering, the screaming, the screaming and the constant applause every time a beautiful explosion burst into the night sky.

On the occasion of New Year's Eve with Con Dao people, there are tourists and Armed Forces soldiers from Con Dao People's Committee coming from many different villages, they also welcome the New Year with everyone in joy and excitement.

Along with other locations in Ba Ria-Vung Tau province, the fireworks display of the new year in Con Dao is a low-altitude firework of 120 rigs, with full color and shape such as: double daisy,  tiger tails, sunflowers, flowering roses, willow rattles, .... brilliant fireworks as to send wishes of people for a happy new year of peace and happiness,, hope for a  richer, more civilized and more beautiful hometown.

For every Con Dao people, the first few minutes of the New Year 2018 are so exciting, impressive and meaningful. Morning 16/2 is also the time Con Dao people come home in joyful joy, all the ways on the island are full of laughs and good wishes for each other; Everyone wishes good things in the New Year of 2018.

It is known that funding for fireworks New Year 2018 sponsored by Con Dao District People's Committee mobilizing organizations and individuals in and outside the province. Thereby create a cheerful atmosphere; Contribute to the morale of cadres, soldiers and people in the island district to welcome a happy and warm New Year.

After the New Year's Eve, the people of Con Dao often visit the Hang Duong Cemetery, visit the tomb of the heroic people's armed forces Vo Thi Sau and Phi Yen Temple to pray for a happy new year.

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