Sea turtles on the sloping land (Six Senses Con Dao area) lay eggs

Monday - 27/05/2019 14:55
According to the management board of Con Dao National Park, in the morning of 07/02/2018, at the beach area of Dat Doc (Six Senses Con Dao) appeared a sea turtle with a length of 1.1 m, a width of 0.8m on the shore, laying an egg with 70 eggs.

Beach area of Dat Doc (Six Senses Con Dao area), where recently discovered sea turtles lay eggs

Previously, on 26/1/2018, there was also a sea turtle on the beach Six Senses Con Dao Island nest and lay 117 eggs; On 02/02/2018, there was a sea turtle on this area but not born.

Shortly after the discovery of turtles ashore eggs, the conservation team of Six Senses Con Dao Zone has tracked, zoned the area of the nest and inform the Con Dao National Park.

The Con Dao National Park Management Board sent staff to the site to check, record, and coordinate with Six Senses Con Dao to monitor, relocate and protect the nest during the incubation period. .

It is known that in the following years of liberation, at Doc Doc beach turtles lay eggs. However, due to the increasing threats from nature due to climate change such as rising temperatures, tides, rising sea levels and the impact of tourism development, Sea spawn in this area.

The appearance of sea turtles on nesting and spawning in Dat Doc beach area is a good sign of ecological environment and fun signal for island district tourism. This need to be further monitored, research in the coming time to take measures to preserve and restore the breeding grounds of sea turtles.

Dr.Nguyen Chi Thanh - Director of the Forest and Wetlands Research Center - said: (Source:: There are no known causes, reasons or scientific basis to confirm that the turtles spawn here but clearly this is a very pleasant signal for the preservation of sea turtles in Con Dao, especially at the beach being exploited for tourism, showing that the environment is well - protected, the sense of responsibility of the workers. Tourism is very mindful, Con Dao National Park and Six Sensens Con Dao should ...)

At present, Con Dao has 16 beaches with sea turtles spawning - these are mostly beaches with little impact on humans. Time for turtle eggs hatched, hatched into about 45 to 60 days, sea turtles lay eggs in Con Dao concentrated from May to October every year. Every year, the management board of Con Dao National Park has successfully rescued nearly 2,000 eggs and released about 150,000 sea turtles. Currently, sea turtles are endangered species are protected by the law of Vietnam and many countries around the world.

According to the management board of Con Dao National Park, the unit is working on a project "Cooperation between Con Dao National Park Management Board and Six Senses Con Dao on marine turtle conservation in the big island area". . If the project is implemented, eggs nested on turtles at Con Son Island, such as: Mr. Cau, Dam Tre, Cuong, Dat Doc, will be hatched to the sea at the land. Highland (Six Senses Con Dao area). Performing well in the preservation of sea turtles in the central island area, this will be the place to develop ecotourism, serve tourists to join the turtles to lay eggs. The management board of Con Dao National Park is implementing on Bay Canh Island.

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