Announcing the 66th death anniversary of Hero Vo Thi Sau

Monday - 27/05/2019 14:58
Organizing Committee solemnly announces the 66th death anniversary of the Hero of the People's Armed Forces Vo Thi Sau, January 23, 1952 - January 23, 2018 (on December 7, 2017 in Lunar Year ), held at Con Dao Temple.

Con Dao Temple area where the ceremony of celebrating 66th death anniversary of the Hero of the People's Armed Forces Vo Thi Sau took place on January 23, 2018 (on December 7, 2017)

The 66th death anniversary of the heroic woman of the People's Armed Forces Vo Thi Sau (23/01/1952 - 23/01/2018) is the occasion for officers, soldiers and people in Con Dao district. reverence for the heroine; The gratefulness of the next generation is shown to the former, and at the same time demonstrates the doctrine of "Drinking water to remember the source" of our people towards heroic martyrs who bravely sacrificed for the cause of liberation struggle. nationality, unification of the country in general, honor the traditional values of Vietnamese women in particular; Through reminding, educating the gratitude of the young generation, encouraging people to raise their patriotism, strive to unite, strive to build the beautiful island of Con Dao.

Operation time of the anniversary

The anniversary was conducted in two days from January 22, 2018 to January 23, 2018 (to date 06 - 07 December, 2017 in Lunar Year).

Activities in the day 22/01/2018

At 19:30 hours, at the court yard of the Con Dao Temple held the program of ringing the golden bell to learn about the history of Con Dao prison and heroic People's armed forces Vo Thi Sau; entertainment program.

Activities in the day 23/01/2018

At 8:00 am, holding folk games competition.

At 15h30 PM, the ceremony was visited at the grave of the Hero of the People's Armed Forces Vo Thi Sau in B Hang Duong Cemetery.

At 16:00 hours, the ceremony at Con Dao Temple with ritual death anniversary as: Reason statement; introduce delegates; invite district leaders to light candles, incense incense; opening ceremony; invite the delegates to celebrate; read the memorial; thurify; invite delegates and people to have diner at the Con Dao Temple.

The Organizing Committee has solemnly announced and requested the resorts, hotels and tour operator to announce widely to delegations of tourists to joint together.


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