Every home has a New Year

Monday - 27/05/2019 14:43
Just like in previous years, the Lunar New Year, the Party Committee, authorities, agencies and organizations of Con Dao district have implemented many practical activities, meaning, caring for Tet for policy beneficiaries, people with meritorious services and people in difficult circumstances in the district to ensure that everyone, every house is welcome traditional Tet in the warm, happy.

In this year, there are 58 policy beneficiaries who have been given presents by the President with the amount of over 12 million VND. Provincial People's Committee presents gifts to 75 beneficiaries with the amount of 116 million VND, Tet allowance for 61 beneficiaries with the amount of over 60 million; District People's Committee presents gifts to 87 policy beneficiaries with the amount of 87 million VND, Tet allowance for 28 near-poor households and 42.000.000 VND poor households.

In addition, the mass organizations have also called and mobilized donors to support and give gifts to more than 100 policy beneficiaries and disadvantaged families living in the district in the amount of money. over 100 million

On this occasion, Con Dao district also organized meetings and organized delegations to visit, give gifts, wish the Tet holiday policy families, the armed forces stationed in the district, visit the instruments the elderly, thus showing the attention of the Party, local authorities to all classes of people in the district on the occasion of Tet to spring.

Despite the remote island district, the attention of the local authorities on the occasion of the Lunar New Year presents the noble meaning, human tradition of the Vietnamese people. The interest, sharing the heart warmth when spring comes. At the same time, creating motivation and belief for the families of policies and families facing difficulties in life in the hope of a happy new year.

Caring for Tet holiday for policy families, families in difficult circumstances is part of the local social security policy, so that everyone, every home is welcome new spring Happiness, more motivation, faith to the family to build up family prosperity, progress, contribute to build the island of Con Dao increasingly rich.

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