Where to eat and must-try food in Con Dao Islands

Thursday - 28/07/2022 11:04
Vu Nang Snail - The best food you must try in Con Dao Island
Vu Nang Snail is actually a kind of unique snail and has become a famous food of Con Dao Island. At Con Dao, Vu Nang snail is available year round, but only appears on full moon days. Vu Nang snails are delicious when boiled, baked or made to mix, to make a salad. Boiled Vu Nang snail is considered the most popular because it is easy to make. With some wine, it is definitely the specialty making your day in a Vietnam beach vacation. It surely is on the list of the best food you must try in Con Dao Island.

Thu Ba restaurant is a famous place for seafood that you can ignore when you visit Con Dao, located in area 7 Vo Thi Sau, Con Dao district.
Đặc Sản Ốc Vú Nàng Côn Đảo - Ảnh 2
Oyster Porridge (Chao Hau) - One of the specialties in Con Dao Island
Porridge oysters in Con Dao hot, sweet meat cool, rice porridge soft but not broken rice, with a little pepper, cilantro, purple onion. Only enjoy oysters right at Con Dao, made by the local people visitors can feel why this dish becomes one of the specialties Con Dao. While you can realize that it is not so hard to find out where to buy oyster porridge in Con Dao Island but not all of them can bring customers the most brilliant taste. 

You can go to Family restaurant to eat oyster porridge to get the best taste. Family restaurant located in Tran Phu street, District 5, Con Dao, Ba Ria - Vung Tau Province.
Cháo Hàu- Món Ngon Giàu Dinh Dưỡng Từ Côn Đảo - Ảnh 1
Moon Crab - The dish bring a new experience
Also deserving the food you must try in Con Dao Island, Moon Crab will bring you a new experience of a new cuisine. Although it is called moon crab, crab meat is not delicious on the day of full moon. This will be the best at the end or the beginning of each month. Apart from being served with the mixture of salt, pepper, and lemon, crab meat is also used to cook soup or noodles. In general, its taste is definitely smelling and unique. You must try to enjoy this taste.

Moon Crab should be eaten in Tri Ki restaurant, located in Nguyen Duc Thuan street, opposite Con Dao resort.
Shark meat and vegetable salad - Special taste
For a Vietnam beach vacation in Con Dao Island, you will find it very difficult to lose out on Shark meat and vegetable salad. It is also listed in the deserving food you must try here. There is no way to forget the taste of this food. It is really the balance between the tender shark meat, fresh vegetables, sour pineapple, spicy mustard, and some other ingredients. You will not forget the taste of this food if you try.

Shark meat and vegetable salad can be found in Hai Dinh restaurant, located in Nguyen Duc Thuan street, Con Dao.
Sa Sung - The ingredient of many delicious dishes in Con Dao Island
Referred as a species of seafood, Sa Sung has become the ingredient of many delicious dishes in Con Dao Island. You can find a large number of sa sung units from March to July. Therefore, coming here in this time, do not miss the chance to taste this food. The dishes made from Sa Sung include salad, soup, fried vegetables, crispy, and porridge. Or the simple way is grilled Sa Sung with chili sauce.

As said above, Thu Ba restaurant is a famous place for seafood that you can find in Con Dao. Or else, Tri Ki restaurant and Hai Dinh restaurant all are good.
Sá Sùng Côn Đảo - Ảnh 1

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