Action Month for Gender Equality and Gender Violence Prevention in 2017

Monday - 27/05/2019 15:40
Con Dao District People's Committee has just issued Plan 313 / KH-UBND on 11/10/2017 to send agencies and units in the district requesting the organization of the campaign to respond to Action Month for Gender Equality and Gender Violence Prevention based on gender in 2017.

In order to attract attention, to comply with the law on gender equality and to participate in the action of all officials and employees of the agencies and units on the meaning, importance and objectives of gender equality and the prevention of violence against women and girls, promote the dissemination and education of gender equality law and gender violence prevention and control, mobilize all officials and employees, the whole society is actively working to implement more effective policies and programs on gender equality and gender-based violence prevention and control, as well as to enhance knowledge and self-protection skills. prevention of abuse for women and children; knowledge and skills to prevent sexual abuse and violence against women and children for parents, family members, peolple who work in gender equality and child protection, reduce violence against women and girls, especially sexual abuse of women and girls; to strictly handle violent incidents and violations against women and girls and clarify the handling responsibilities of the concerned agencies and organizations. Improving living, study, working environment friendly. For the advancement of women, the district suggested the activities of Action Month should be organized in a practical, effective and economical way.

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Time for Action for Gender Equality and Gender Violence Prevention 2017 from 15/11/2017 to 15/12/2017 with the theme "Ending Violence Against Women and Girls ".

With the advancement of women, the district People's Committee proposes that agencies and units, depending on their conditions, carry out specific activities such as organizing propaganda on the topics, messages:

Responding Action Month for Gender Equality and Gender-based Violence Prevention in 2017.

Responding to the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women 25/11/2017.

Gender equality is the key to ending violence against women and girls.

Violence is not the solution. Do not swing arm, let hold hands.

Violence is a violation of law.

Stop violence, nurture love.

Speak up when you are violent.

Take action, it could be your loved one.

Report offenses against women and girls.

Do not be afraid, please speak up. People will help you.

Women and girls should bravely speak up when they are violated.

Sexual violence against women and girls is a crime.

Sexual abuse of women and children is a serious crime.

Take action for a safe society for women and gi.

Take action to end sexual abuse of women and girls.

Silence is not a way to protect victims of abuse.

Action Month for Gender Equality and Gender Violence Prevention aims to reduce gender disparities in the areas of economics, labor and employment;improve the quality of human resources; ensure gender equality in accessing and benefiting from health care services, in the fields of culture, information and communication and in family life,heading to eradicate gender violence; raising the capacity of state management on gender equality.

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