Awarding Ceremony of "Honoring Housekeeping"

Monday - 27/05/2019 16:22
On 3/10/2017, Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VEHA) Association (Vietnam Hotel Association) held a competition to write and share the video clip "Honoring housekeeping."

Vice Chairman of Hotel Association Le Mai Khanh and Chairman of VEHA Nguyen Quang presented First Prize to Intercontinental Saigon Hotel Team

Housekeeping is an important position, considered the "heart" of every hotel, responsible for room-related tasks such as room decoration, general hygiene and room maintenance. ...In the world, this is a very respected position, usually the most competent people are recruited. However, in Vietnam, the awareness of housekeeping is not enough, sometimes the work is overlooked, it is equated with simple cleaning jobs.This mistake leads to the fact that many people do not want to apply for housekeeping or students who do not want to learn housekeeping work, causing the current lack of housekeeping manpower, which does not meet the strong development of tourism of Vietnam in the coming time.

Organizing Committee and teams are taken photo

Speaking at the award ceremony, Nguyen Quang - Chairman of VEHA, Chairman of the Organizing Committee, said: Writing and sharing video clip" Honoring housekeeping work” contest to contribute to raising social awareness of roles and the importance of housekeeping in the hotel industry in Vietnam; It is also a response to the International Housekeeping Week.Hopefully after the competition, not only in the hotels with foreign elements, but also many other hotels in Vietnam will also develop practical action programs to take care of the housekeeping staff, noted over the contribution of housekeeping in the hotel's success.

Eventually, the Organizing Committee awarded 01 prize for the most popular social network, 03 third prizes, 02 second prizes and 01 first prize. The winner is the Intercontinental Saigon Hotel team (Ho Chi Minh City)

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