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Con Dao is an attractive tourist destination to domestic and international visitors, in the territory of Ba Ria - Vung Tau. Con Dao is known for its crystal-clear beaches, fine white sand that charms visitors everywhere coming here. Let come to the island to discover this famous island and feel the beauty in here.)

Sunset in Con Dao

The pristine beaches, fresh seafood, nice people, secured island and above all, a historic landmark

Before going on the road, I was also threatened by many people, which is "dark atmosphere", "wild, nothing to eat", "one day is over, sad".ut as a result, for a long time, I have had so much excitement.What made me remember Con Dao, is the feeling of peace, security. On the first day of the island, I gasped when car rental agent said: "Just leave the car in front of the hotel with the key". The next morning, the car still remained. Coming here, you shake off all worries, sadness, and be relaxed. Some of the tips below will help you make a better trip

Con Dao

1. Means


Currently only Vietnam Airlines in conjunction with Vasco operating flights to Con Dao. You can fly directly from Ho Chi Minh City or Can Tho to Con Dao. From Hanoi, you have to transit in one of these two places.In particular, from HCM City every day there are 4-5 flights, guests can bring a maximum of 20 kg of checked baggage and 7 kg of free portable. Flight time is about 55 minutes


Apart from airplanes, guests also have a more economical means, that is to take passenger ships from Cat Lo port (Vung Tau) to port Dam (Con Dao) and vice versa. Lightweight passenger and cargo carrier, also available for motorbikes

- Con Dao ship 09 has a capacity of 238 beds, which are dormitories with about 30 beds per room

- Con Dao 10 accommodates 140 beds. Each room has between 6 and 10 beds

However, there is a point to note when you decide to choose this way, which is the possibility of seasickness when moving. In the quiet seas (from April to August each year), it is an enjoyable experience to go to Con Dao. However, from September to March, the trip will be a torment, especially for those who have been sick

The ship departs at 17h and arrives at 7am the next morning to Ben Dam - Con Dao port and vice versa. On board, there is a small canteen serving bottled beverages and cans. The food is mainly shrimp noodles and boiled eggs. From Ben Dam port to Con Son town center about 12 km

Photo: Tan Nhat

In addition, according to the latest information from the Superdong - Kien Giang Express Ship Joint Stock Company, the Soc Trang high speed train to Con Dao with a capacity of 306 passengers has been running since July 14 with a travel time of 2, 5 hours.

Schedule for Superdong express Con Dao - Soc Trang

8h00 from Tran De Port (Soc Trang) → Ben Dam Port (Con Dao)

13h00 from Ben Dam Port (Con Dao) → Tran De Port (Soc Trang).

From Q1 / 2018, there will be 2 vessels running between Tran De Port and Ben Dam at 08h00 and 13h00.

 Travel time: about 2 hours 30 minutes

Ticket booking: (0299) 3.843.888 / (0299) 3.843.999

InCon Dao: Con Dao tourism has the advantage of cool air, wide roads, romantic nature, very suitable to enjoy a few rounds of motorcycles. Motorbikes can be rented at the hotel or motorcycle rental, from 100.000 - 150.000 VND / motorbike / day

2. Hotel – Dining

(If you want to stay in the hotel adjacent beach, you should choose Con Dao resort on Nguyen Duc Thuan street, very close to center, easy to find food.Hotels like Saigon Con Dao resort, ATC resort located on Ton Duc Thang street, beautiful sea view, clean and good service, however, there is no private beach.To go to the beach, you must cross the street. The average price of rooms here is 1-1.5 million VND per room.Therefore, you have to select carefully when booking online, not all "resorts" have private beach as default. Sixsences Con Dao resort is a great choice, however, the resort is near the airport, away from the center, not convenient for eating, playing

Seafood on the island is very fresh. An indispensable dish is the red grouper, the specialty of Con Dao. The price is about 700,000-800,000 VND / kg.The fish is white, tough and very fragrant. Should try to eat lobster and slipper lobster, not cheap compared to land with 1.5 million VND / kg lobster but very fresh. Cuttle fish should not be overlooked either.

Especially the prices of the restaurants here are quite similar, so there is no need to choose much. Having friends went to Con Dao to consult, I also choose Tri Ky, indeed fresh food, delicious processing, fast service and professional.You can also eat in Phuong Hanh, a small stall in the street, sit under a luxuriant tree, cool, delicious food but not seem professional with Tri Ky. The seafood is also very good, slow cooking, serving slightly sloppy because few people

Mussels, crispy on the island very crunchy, delicious. If more picky, you can bring fruits from the mainland because the price of fruits on the island expensive, due to transport from HCMC

Con Dao does not have too many restaurants and services, but the pleasant point is from the innkeeper to the staff are very honest, do not like the other places

3. Spiritual, historical sites

Martyr Vo Thi Sau's grave at Hang Duong cemetery is a must-see. You can go to the festival at 12:00 noon without worrying because cemetery is very busy. Offerings and fruits should be prepared from the house, because cemeteries do not have goods for sale offering items.The indispensable part is the mirror. If you bring fresh flowers, better use white flowers.Ms. Sau is considered by the Con Dao people as a saint, protect, neutralize the sad. The wedding couple also came there, incense her for blessing.

Visitors leave the ceremony at the cemetery. If you are careful, you can leave a branch of garlic in the bag for sure. The cemetery is very clean and peaceful.Do not forget to burn incense at the memorial 1912 Martyrs are located in the Hang Duong cemetery and incense for nearly 2,000 grave martyrs here

The temple of Phi Yen or An Son shrine is also a place to visit and visit. She is the wife of King Nguyen Anh.When the king intended to invite the French to fight the Tay Son, she had a disgraced: the king angrily detained her on a deserted island, now called Hon Ba.When the Tay So'n troops approached the island, the king escaped. As he ran madly, the prince cried, his mother angry, throwing him into the sea.When the Tay Son troops approached the island, the king escaped. As he ran, the little prince cried of missing his mother, the king was angry and throwed him into the sea.The body washed up on the beach, people buried and set up the temple. Ms. Phi Yen, after being rescued, was built a house by the people next to the tomb. Then, during a village festival, because of the beauty was too splendid, she was attacked by a raider, but he only touched his hand, was interrupted by the people, the people captured him.She cut off the defiled arm that was touched by the bad guy. Because of mourning, she committed suicide at the age of 25

The road named Hoang Phi Yen, located between two large lotus ponds. From Nui Mot Pagoda, you can see the lotus pond

Temple and the tomb of the prince right near the Co Ong airport, you should also visit.

Nui Mot Pagoda, the most beautiful pagoda in Vietnam. The pagoda leaned back on the mountain and looked down on the cool lotus pond. The architecture of the temple is airy and peaceful

Con Dao Prison Historical Monument: There are 19 monuments in two periods, the French prison camp and the US detention center. French detention camps: Phu Son, Phu Hai in the center so very convenient to visit.The cowshed, the cageshed are the hell on earth. The cowsheds now remain in feces, urine place full of rotten that the enemy forced captured prisoners dip their bodies in to the chest

4. Discovery Tours

On the main island, you have to visit Dam Trau beach, white sand, mountains to encircle the beach in the arc shape so the beach is very smooth, white sand, smooth like cotton.Especially the beaches on the island always have a combination of mountains and green forest, combined with white sand and undulating rocks

You should rent canoes to visit Hon Bay Canh, the second largest island after the Kunlun island. It is surrounded by forests and beautiful beaches. You can dive to see the coral between islands. However, there is no food, so if you want to spend the day, you have to bring food

Specialties can be purchased as a gift on the island are roasted seeds and dried fish, fresh fish, cheap and delicious.

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