Con Dao spring flowers

Tuesday - 28/05/2019 23:22
Cared deeply by Con Dao authority, so in Tet holiday (from Feb 04 to Feb 17)  district people’s committee propose plan no. 17 dated January 20th 2016 to organize many activities such as sports, cultures, music, exhibition, spring flowers areas, selling & commerce, sea foods, relax, etc, activities to create fun and excited space to serve hard workers, sodiers and people to welcome Spring Bính Thân.

It is to hold exhibition show with variety of special subjects “Sodiers today & Vietnameses fashion”,  “Con Ð?o history through stored data”, “rescounding Chu?ng C?p”, “Life and work of Chairman Tôn Ð?c Th?ng”, “Phú H?i Ancient and Today”, “ H? Chí Minh – beautiful name”, repeat traditional culture, history of our nation. Organize spring flowers areas with relaxing games, foods, spring flowers areas – trees geology animals, with sports and music activities. Although now Con Ð?o is in the time of strong wind season but sea waves aren’t big , so as goods ships and passenser train Con Ð?o run continously help to transport goods and trees flowers etc to serve shopping demand to decorate for new year of the people, with raising flights of Vasco airline service company for two airlines HCM – Con Ð?o & C?n Tho – Con Ð?o creating more favarable conditions in move of Con Dao tourists  in Tet holiday, so it is expected this year number of tourists travels to Con Ð?o will be more.

Con Dao Tet Market

In the ending days of Con Dao tet market, flowers, trees and tools are diversified, specially dew - berry chrysanthemum  , marigold, wild orchid, Ochna integerrima etc.

Fireworks in new year

To create fun spring-air in watch-night time, this year Con Dao will shoot fireworks at 0 o’clock Feb 8th (watch-night time) at historical ship Bridge 914. 

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