Environmental protection for the green- clean - beautiful island

Monday - 14/12/2020 05:14
Con Dao has many beautiful beaches with the clear blue water and the smooth stretch of sand. At the end of every year, Con Dao is affected by the southwest wind, there are so many beaches with lots of ocean debris drifted in.
Con Dao district People's Committee, agencies and functional units launched many movements "Month of action for the environment" in response to the World Environment, Vietnam Sea and Island Week, World Ocean Day, the week of launching the green - clean - beautiful Saturday. Organizing practical activities, specifically every Saturday, volunteer organizations, other organizations and individuals simultaneously clean at their office, units, business organizations, tourist sites, beaches, resorts in Con Dao.
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 Means of waste collection at sea
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 Tourism management board staff with people collect rubbish at Dam Trau Con Dao beach
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 Volunteers actively participate in garbage collection at Con Dao beach
Deploying on electric vehicles, taxis, passenger cars, inland watercraft equipped with garbage cans to collect and dispose of garbage at the prescribed place. Propagating the acts of handling environmental administrative violations. 
Strengthening inspection and control, reminding people and tourists to protect the environment in Con Dao district..
In addition, every year Con Dao suffers from strong winds, wild waste is often washed away on the beaches, with a large volume, the local government has to mobilize forces, vehicles and people to organize the collection and bring. green, clean and beautiful beach back for Con Dao. Con Dao environmental hygiene protection is very important for socio-economic development, Con Dao is implementing restricting the use of plastic bags and plastic products, so the people of Con Dao always raise their awareness of immediate responsibility to protect. In order to promptly encourage organizations and individuals to respond to environmental protection activities in Con Dao, the District People's Committee holds a congress for commendation. Thereby, a message will be conveyed to tourists when visiting Con Dao, let's protect and preserve the general environment for Con Dao.


Source: Hai Nhan. Translated by My Phuong:

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