Ginseng wine is Con Dao's typical beverage

Tuesday - 09/03/2021 15:40
Con Dao Land ginseng is a precious tree. In the past, Con Dao prisoners discovered it and regularly used to cure diseases, improve health to overcome the harsh days of being imprisoned. This ginseng plant is very special and only in Con Dao.
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                                        Land ginseng was grown successfully in Con Dao. Photo: Hai Nhan
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Con Dao land ginseng. Photo: Hai Nhan
Con Dao people have successfully planted and exploited land ginseng. Land ginseng used to soak with wine, chicken potential, duck potential, cook drinking water to replenish the body. So many tourists bought land ginseng for use and gifts. Land ginseng is also known as sand ginseng, often grows on high, sandy slopes. Ginseng bulbs have a round shape about 3 cm long,  the body is 50 cm high, hairy. Its leaf is oval, the upper side is sparsely hairy,  the cover has a hard-haired edge and flowers. This ginseng grows well around the small islands of Con Dao. According to the people of Con Dao, in the old days, the prisoners in Con Dao discovered this ginseng while being sent to work. They sneaked that ginseng to withstand the hard days and improve their health. Nowadays, Con Dao people have successfully planted this ginseng with high value and increased income. The mild, fragrant flavour of land ginseng is quite similar to Korean ginseng with prices ranging from 1 - 1.2 million VND / kg, depending on the type of large or small tubers
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                                                  Ginseng wine is displayed in Con Dao
Recently, Dao Ngoc Travel Service - Travel Co., Ltd has successfully extracted Con Dao land ginseng. This wine was registered quality, trademark registration, beautiful design packaging attractive. 
The delicious quality of wine meet the standard of food safety and hygiene. It was initially welcomed by many tourists, bought as gifts. Con Dao Ginseng Wine is a unique product only in Con Dao sacred land. Products are provided from Con Dao, customers need support and advice, contact phone number 0339878719.
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Source: Hai Nhan; Translated by: Tuan Long:

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