Top 100 Gift specials 2020 - 2021: Con Dao half-dry mackerel

Tuesday - 06/04/2021 01:22
Half-dry mackerel is one of the famous specialties of the remote coast of Con Dao, this dish has a typical delicious taste, soft sweet fish meat, not too salty that other localities do not have.
In Con Dao, there are many species of sea fish, but mackerel is especially famous because it has many nutritional values and the half- mackerel is an attractive dish that attracts many people when coming here.
According to the seafood processing establishments in Con Dao, a finished mackerel will go through the following stages: selection of mackerel caught in Con Dao - preliminary processing - salt pickling - sun-drying - packaging.
 Caught mackerel with a weight of 3 - 7 kg will be selected as materials for processing, fresh fish must be cut to ensure the fish has a red color of blood, clear fibers on the cutting surface, each slice of mackerel is about 3cm thick.

After preliminary processing, each slice of it is soaked in diluted salt water, leaving for about 2 hours for the flesh to absorb a rich taste and can be preserved for a long time. Finally, the mackerel is picked out to drain, people will arrange each slice of fish on a tray to dry in the sun, if it is sunny, just dry for 5 to 7 hours, there will be a batch of fish fragrant. . At this time, from the red color of rose of the fresh fish will turn to a slightly gray color, the surface of the skin will appear white chalk layer that can be packaged.

What makes the trademark of Con Dao half- mackerel is not only in the fresh and delicious fish but also in the "sunshine" of Con Dao. Each fibre of fish is dried in the brilliant sunshine on the coast to help the fish retain its flavor.
Half- mackerel in Con Dao does not have the fishy smell of fresh fish, not as hard as dried fish, but a wonderful blend of freshness and moderate salinity. All create the uniqueness of the precious gifts that nature gives to Con Dao. Fish after being exposed to the sun, stored in a vacuum bag, the flesh is smooth, attractive in color, the fish can be kept for a year in the freezer and still fresh and delicious.

It is known that the peak season of mackerel processing lasts from March to September every year. There are many types of mackerel such as Spanish mackerel, chalk skin mackerel, wahoo..., but the best half-dry mackerel must be prepared from the Spanish one. The best salt used to marinate fish is Ba Ria salt, 1kg of fresh mackerel after processing is only about 0.5 to 0.6 kg of half-dry.

In 2018, the Department of Intellectual Property (Ministry of Science and Technology) awarded the certificate of registration of the trademark of Con Dao half- mackerel to the People's Committee of Con Dao district. This is an important milestone for mackerel to increasingly assert its brand in the market. Mr. Le Van Phong (Chairman of Con Dao District People's Committee) said: "Many tourists coming to Con Dao or Vung Tau, when returning home, love to buy this type of seafood as a gift, but in the past, due to the lack of trademark registration, the purchasing power increased, so there was the phenomenon of Con Dao mackerel impersonating. Therefore, the certification will create value for Con Dao seafood and in particular, visitors and residents can rest assured when buying branded products with identity logos.".

Half-dry mackerel in Con Dao can be processed in braised, fried, grilled, sauce , combined with other dishes or served with hot rice, it will be great. In particular, the product contains a lot of protein and oils that are beneficial for brain development in children and recovery for those with weak health.
 Coming to Con Dao, visitors should not miss this kind of dish to enjoy and experience the typical aftertaste of this sea. Mackerel is a gift that nature gives to Con Dao, but half-dry mackerel is a precious gift that the people of Con Dao give to tourists. This is also a special gift that can be given to relatives and friends.

Source:; Translated by My Phuong

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