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Through the implementation of Resolution No. 01-NQ / HU, dated August 16, 2010 of the Executive Committee of the District Party Committee (Session VIII) "On strengthening the environmental protection of Con Dao district to 2020", there have been many important changes in the awareness of environmental protection among the Party committees, authorities, officials, civil servants, officials, union members, members and the people on the views, objectives, tasks and solutions that the Resolution has identified.
Most of the targets, tasks and solutions set out in the Resolution are strictly implemented and have achieved remarkable results. The planning of appropriate water exploitation, supply, use and treatment system is towards sustainable development. The implementation of organizing to prevent and limit environmental pollution caused by exhaust - noise has been paid attention, initially resolutely taken out. Solid waste collection, transportation and treatment activities arising from daily-life and production activities in the district are conducted regularly, collecting 98% of waste to the gathering place for treatment. Responding and adapting to climate change, natural disasters and oil spills is also taken care in order to enhance the ability to respond to climate change and be proactive in flood and storm prevention, and mitigating impacts caused by climate change and natural disasters (storms, floods, storm surges...). The conservation of forest and marine ecosystems in Con Dao is implemented with many intensive and effective activities. The preservation of environmental and landscape sanitation has been paid attention by all levels of committees, agencies and unions through enhancing the improvement of parks, urban greenery tectonics, creating green, clean - beautiful landscapes in the public area. Regular communication, inspection and examination of food safety and hygiene have contributed to strengthening management through which facilities production and business establishments that are at risk of causing environmental pollution in the district. These results show a clear change in awareness and action of the party committees, authorities, socio-political organizations and each of the people in protecting the environment, determining to build green - clean - beautiful Con Dao environment to facilitate the development of tourism in a sustainable and unique direction, in accordance with the direction point of view and direction and tasks that the Resolution No. 01- NQ / HU of the proposed Executive Board District Party Committee (term VIII).
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Mr. Le Van Phong, Secretary and Chairman of the People's Committee of Con Dao district, delivered a speech to launch the movement to respond to action for the environment. Photo Hai Nhan 
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The district deployed to renovate parks, tectonize urban greenery, create a green - clean - beautiful landscape in public areas. Organize the implementation of waste management and treatment is well organized; the work of environmental hygiene in 10 residential areas is ensured; public areas, historic - cultural sites, markets and businesses are  with high waste sources (Resort Six senses; Poulo Condo; Con Dao resort; Tan Son Nhat...). As a result, over 98% of daily household waste is collected and treated. District authorities have well carried out propaganda to raise awareness of general hygiene; mobilize agencies, mass organizations and residential areas to keep the environment and landscape sanitary. Through implementation, the district has built a number of models of environmental protection such as: "The road for youth green - clean - beautiful" built by the District Youth Union; "The road for women and farmers to self-govern the environment protection" built by the district Women's Union; The District Women's Union and the District Farmers' Union organize the cleanup, garbage collection, clearing the bushes and plant a variety of flowers along the two sides of Phan Chu Trinh Street - Residential Area No. 2; Women's Union of residential area No. 4 with the model "Mobilizing the families of female cadres and members to carry out good environmental sanitation on coastal and beach areas". The District People's Committee has directed to strengthen the management of production and business establishments that are likely to cause environmental pollution in the area; required investment projects to comply with regulations on environmental protection before project implementation, such as setting up environmental impact assessment, signing environmental protection commitments ...
In addition to the achieved results, the environmental protection of Con Dao still has shortcomings, such as a waiting overloaded landfill to be processed, increasing daily waste, plastic waste, oil spills and ocean waste in the beaches of Con Dao annually, especially the heavy monsoon season.
In order to continue to effectively implement environmental protection in the district in the coming time, the District Party Committee will study and issue a new Resolution on environmental protection in the district in the 2020-2030 period. In the pending of the issuance of a new resolution, the Standing Committee of the District Party Committee continues to lead branches, party committees, especially Executive party committees, agencies and units directly related to environmental protection and well implement some of the following contents: 1) Continue to propagate and educate to raise awareness and sense of responsibility of businesses, households, individuals, fishermen and tourists in protecting the environment and natural resources in various appropriate forms; further enhance the role of mass organizations, socio-political organizations in organizing direct propaganda for cadres and soldiers of the armed forces and the People; increase the amount of news, articles and images on publications, websites, mass media inside and outside the district, including international media channels to propagate and promote Con Dao natural and environmental value. Propagandize to raise awareness of biodiversity resources protection, regulations on forest fire prevention and fighting, State legal documents in the field of environmental management and protection, fisheries legislation and resource protection aquatic resources for students, armed forces soldiers, locals, tourists, fishermen and some other subjects. Building grassroots communicators at mass organizations, residential areas, and residential groups to closely coordinate with the Department of Natural Resources and Environment in management and propaganda. 2) Organize the rational, economical, efficient and sustainable exploitation of underground water sources and tap water production within the scale of exploitation capacity granted in the underground water exploitation license No. 906 / GP- BTNMT, April 12, 2019 by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment (3,400m3 / day and night). Actively take measures to protect the environment in the area of water exploitation wells; supervise activities of grazing cattle and wastewater discharge of households in areas along Quang Trung I, Quang Trung II and An Hai lake. Strictly handle violations of encroachment on existing streams to protect water sources and ensure the flow and storage of water to reservoirs in the district. Organize the establishment of corridors to protect water sources for streams with large flow (Bong Huong stream, Ba Hap stream, ...) to accumulate water to freshwater reservoirs in the district according to Decree No. 43 / 2015 / ND-CP dated May 6, 2015 of the Government regulating the establishment and management of corridors for water source protection. Request investor units to implement construction projects to upgrade infrastructure, request construction units when implementing projects need information, coordinate with water supply units to determine locations, arrange water supply pipes and have appropriate construction measures, avoid causing problems on the water supply pipes affecting the water demand of households and businesses in the area. 3) Strengthen the collection and treatment of solid waste, especially in entertainment spots, tourism, waste generating in construction activities, marine waste ... Deploy radical and long-term solutions in waste treatment in the district. 4) Develop and submit to the Provincial People's Committee for approval and implementation of the Scheme on ecotourism, resort and entertainment in Con Dao National Park for the period up to 2030 to continue calling for, attracting, guide investors to Con Dao National Park to build and deploy high-class eco-resorts associated with nature, promote the value of the National Park. At the same time, strengthening management and measures to handle cases of illegal fishing in the functional areas of Con Dao National Park. 5) Install a number of surveillance cameras in complex and key areas to monitor and serve environmental protection activities as well as serve political security purposes, ensure social order and safety. - Manage slaughtering, poultry quarantine, ensure food hygiene and safety in production and business households. 6) Promote the application of scientific and technological advances to agricultural production, especially organic agricultural production, us organic fertilizers and plant protection drugs to protect and against environmental degradation. 7) Strengthen coordination between agencies and units in the inspection, inspection and handle environmental violations, such as: strictly manage production and business activities with waste arising, strictly handle violations; strengthen equipment and materials for environmental supervision and inspection ... Timely commend and reward collectives and individuals for their outstanding contributions to environmental protection; at the same time mobilize social resources to set up environmental protection funds in Con Dao district.
Some activities to protect the environment in the area of Con Dao
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Source: Hai Nhan. Translated by My Phuong:

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