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Con Dao district is implementing the second dose of COVID-19 vaccine for about 5,000 people. In order to support the island district to finish this vaccination period soon, the Provincial Police and the Provincial Military Command have dispatched 12 doctors and nurses to Con Dao.
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Medical staff of the Provincial Police nfirmary inoculate COVID-19 vaccine to Con Dao residents.
At 12:15 on August 11, the helicopter VN8428 of the Southern Helicopter Company landed at Con Dao Airport in the pouring rain. 12 nurses, doctors and medical staff of the Con Dao supported to transported vaccines, supplies and medical equipment from the helicopter to the car and then moved to the center of Con Dao with urgency. More than 1 hour later, the delegation was present at Con Dao Military Medical Center and coordinated with the medical and technical expertise team of the Center to quickly start injecting vaccines for people.
Lieutenant Colonel, Doctor Dang Ba Vinh, Deputy Head of the Provincial Police Infirmary, Head of the Mission said that "This is a very important task". At this time, localities in the province have mobilized total health human resources to organize vaccination on a large scale. In which, Con Dao district injected 2nd dose for about 70% of Con Dao people. “The goal is to finish this injection perio in less than 3 days, so we have to divide 3 shifts a day to keep up with the schedule. Although we are tired, we are very happy to carry out this special mission,” said Lieutenant Colonel, doctor Dang Ba Vinh.
Immediately after receiving the command to mobilize from the Ministry of Provincial Military Command, Lieutenant Colonel Nguyen Hong Hai, an attending physician at the Infirmary of the Provincial Military Cmmand quickly prepared his personal belongings to go to Con Dao on duty. Lieutenant Colonel, Doctor Nguyen Hong Hai shared: “As a soldier, we are always ready to take on missions anywhere, anytime, especially the important task of vaccinating against COVID-19, protect the health of the people”.
Doctor Tran Van Thanh, Director of the Military Medical Center of Con Dao district, said that with the existing medical force and doctors, Con Dao district needed more than 10 days to complete the injection for about 5,000 people. Therefore, the support of doctors and nurses from the mainland to Con Dao is very necessary and it is expected that in only 3 days, from August 11 to the end of August 13, Con Dao district will complete the work of  the 2nd dose vaccination for the people.
Currently, the COVID-19 epidemic is still complicated. Vaccination against COVID-19 for Con Dao people is the most proactive and effective measure to prevent and control the epidemic. Therefore, provincial leaders are particularly interested in helping Con Dao soon achieve the goal of herd immunity, return to a new normal state, and create conditions to focus on socio-economic development.

Source:; Translated by My Phuong

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