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Sunday - 05/12/2021 10:44
With the opening of 4 pilot hotels on October 15, Ba Ria - Vung Tau has officially restarted the tourism industry after a long period of paralysis due to the COVID-19 epidemic. Although the number of visitors is still small, this event marks the transition to a new normal for the tourism industry, creates a premise for service businesses to prepare facilities and be ready to welcome guests back.
Market exploration step
On the morning of October 15, Binh Chau Hot Springs officially reopened to welcome guests again after more than 4 months of hiatus due to the impact of the COVID-19 epidemic. On the first day of opening, the unit welcomed nearly 100 guests, mainly internal guests, close partners to experience the service and resort.
Mr. Tran Cong Luan, Director of Binh Chau Hot Springs, said that determining this is a start-up step to explore market demand, the unit does not focus on business but focuses on listening to perfect the set of products and services. . “Just serving, we combine polling to collect comments from customers, thereby re-evaluating the service process and  provided service quality, in addition to highlighting the safety measures to prevent the epidemic according to the motto. Opening the door must be safe," said Mr. Tran Cong Luan.
As one of four pilot hotels to welcome guests from October 15, the representative of The Grand Ho Tram Resort & Casino also said that, even though on the first day of opening, the unit only received 8 tourists, but still felt excited. "The business restart is the desire of businesses to create a new vitality and hope for revenue and visitors when socio-economic activities gradually return to activity," Ms. Le Thi Thanh Thai, Vice President in charge of external relations The Grand Ho Tram Resort & Casino shared.
Also in the group of 4 hotels allowed to pilot by the Provincial People's Committee to welcome guests on this occasion, Six Senses Con Dao Resort lost the opportunity to open because airlines have not transported people under 18 who have not been vaccinated during the day of October 15, but not because of that, the unit was disappointed, on the contrary, it was still preparing for the new normal. “As soon as I learned that Six Senses Con Dao Resort will participate in the pilot reception, many guests have phoned and emailed to inquire about the service. This is the motivation for us to be more confident with the restart plan. We are closely monitoring the regulations of the aviation industry and the progress of the Government's opening. When the barriers on tourism are eased, we will receive guests immediately," said a representative of Six Senses Con Dao.

six senses con dao resort 41Safe to open the door
It can be seen that BR-VT's restart of tourism activities right at the time when the Government drastically implements economic recovery measures is a demonstration of BR-VT's quickness to seize opportunities. Recent surveys of tourism organizations show that although they are still hesitant, most people express their desire to travel as soon as the epidemic improves.
Many tourism businesses shared that they believe that tourists will return soon because the COVID-19 epidemic is under control, especially, information that the Southeast provinces, including BR-VT, will gradually allow more activities. The service will reopen in the next few days. In addition, inter-provincial travel is gradually removing barriers, and vaccine coverage is increasing rapidly. At this time, opportunities for the tourism industry will be bright. “The current situation is evolving very quickly. We predict that only around the beginning of November, guests will return, so businesses are always in the mood to welcome guests," said Mr. Hoang Ngoc Linh, Vice Chairman of the Provincial Tourism Association.
According to Ms. Tran Thi Thu Hien, Deputy Director of the Department of Tourism, after piloting to welcome guests, BR-VT is expected to promote the stimulus program with activities of organizing e-commerce floors and online tourism fairs of tourism routes; selling the same price of accommodation and using the service here, receiving coupons elsewhere in the chain of mutual exchange between accommodation - dining - entertainment services, helping tourists use service with quality, prestige, cost savings; organizing the Festival "Food and Tourism" to promote tourism and typical culinary culture of BR-VT.
Throughout the tourism recovery plan, epidemic safety will be a top priority. The Department of Tourism has developed a set of criteria to ensure safety for epidemic prevention and control, which applies to three subjects: accommodation establishments, travel businesses and tourist destinations, and other business and service establishments. The above set of criteria has been approved by the Provincial People's Committee, in which the most important requirement is that guests and staff participating in the service process must have a "green card" of the vaccine and the second injection must be completed 14 days before opening. The Department of Tourism will coordinate with localities to guide businesses to sign commitments to implement the set of criteria through representatives of the People's Committees of wards and communes in the area.
"During the implementation process, the Department of Tourism will coordinate with local authorities to check to ensure that tourism service providers must pay attention to invest in epidemic prevention, contributing to maintaining the safety and peace of mind for visitors" added Ms. Tran Thi Thu Hien.


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