A extraodinary and special night in Con Dao at Hide & Find Bar

Thursday - 02/03/2023 14:14
In addition to the familiar experiences to Con Dao, now visitors have the extremely chilling-out choice when coming to Hide&Find Bar.
Talking about Con Dao, people immediately think of famous historical sites and famous favorite check-in points. Recently, visitors to Con Dao have had a special choice, which is a small bar & coffee shop with beautiful decoration space, and a warm and quiet atmosphere for those who want to relax, socialize and get networking. Let's explore a coffee shop that is famous for just some people, but not for everyone! 
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 Hide & Find is one of the rare shops in Con Dao where you can drop in to enjoy a cocktail and listen to some chilling-out music and sip some food with friends.
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The name Hide&Find is like a pun by the owner for his brainchild. "Hide & Find" also means " HIDE the city & FIND the Peaceful" – A place where time stands still helps you escape from the busyness of the city to find a peaceful and quiet place. It is a place where bottles of wine are high to the ceiling and where sadness becomes "nothing". This is also the name of the shop's two best sellers!        
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Entering Hide & Find, people, feel,l a little slower and quieter than the usual bars. The shop is nestled in a quiet little alley in the center of Con Dao town. Different from the flashy and bustling bars, Hide&Find is covered by a gentle, quiet, and mysterious image, but it is still very warm and familiar, the way the shop uses light, decorates, and prepares music makes itself attractive and special. Each small corner of the large space is arranged beautifully, harmoniously, and subtly. Hide&Find is not just a bar but a place where people with the same soul get to know each other. The signature cocktails do not only enchant you at first sight because of the very sophisticated and meticulous decoration, but they also fascinate you with great taste. This is an ideal destination to relax and enjoy the taste of cocktails after a long day of busy work. There are not only the familiar drinks but also the ones with an impressively innovative menu in Hide&find coffee&bar, bringing a new enjoyment experience to visitors.
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                                                                                   The menu at Hide&Find.

Hide&Find is a bright spot out of what visitors imagine about Con Dao. If you are searching for a space to chill out and settle before returning to crowded and chaotic Saigon, Hide&Find is the best choice for you. 
                                                       Just want to fall at the bar for relaxing,
                                 but be astonishingly fallen with cocktails so far at Hide&find!
You will be immersed and a little disguised with 6 types of signature cocktails in the slow rhythm of jazz music and the warm space with the warm light like telling a story and feeling of you and others. In this space, we are all the ones falling in love, so be as easygoing as you want. You can also give yourself an order of cocktails according to your preferences under the "mentorship" of the bartender. If you need a little spice to "forget" the rush of emotions out there, Hide&find will be the most appropriate destination. Are these enough for you to go with someone to the bar tonight?

Address: Ho Thanh Tong Street, ConDao
Tel: 0772251060 

Open from 18:00 - 24:00


Author: My Phuong

Source: condao.com.vn. Translated by: My Phuong.:

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