Do not miss 03 pristine, peaceful islands with wonderful blue sea water in Con Dao

Monday - 04/09/2023 15:57
Coming to Con Dao – “the pearl island” on the southernmost coast of the country but ignoring these 3 beautiful islands is a significant shortcoming. It must be recognized that Con Dao is becoming more and more "hot hit" on the tourist map. Hell on Earth become a "paradise" for resort tourism. Not only famous for its enchanting natural scenery but also has everything that a tourist wants: a 5-star resort, rustic beaches, majestic mountain ranges, diverse local cuisine,...

Bay Canh island – a place where sea turtles lay over 100 eggs every night
Bay Canh Island is considered the second largest of the 16 islands in Con Dao. Bay Canh Island is located in the eastern part of Con Dao, covered by a primeval forest, tropical mangrove ecosystem, and coral ecosystem. Not only impressed by the blue water, but it also possesses a long white sand and green mountains, running along the coast. Coming here, in addition to immersing yourself in the clear blue sea, lying in the sun on the fine sand, you can also visit many other places and experience exciting activities, such as snorkeling to see colorful corals, kayaking, exploring mangroves, watching Tank crabs at night.  In particular, you will have the opportunity to watch sea turtles lay eggs, and release baby turtles back to the sea by your own hands – a specific tourism product only in Vietnam.




Cau island - a peaceful raw gem should not be missed
If you are looking for a pristine, not crowded destination with many "quality" shooting angles and countless experiential activities, then, Cau island is your best choice. Because this place possesses pristine scenery, natural standards with a clear-as-glass beach, and glorious white  soft sand.
Source: Mai Quynh toursirm agency




In addition, there are many experience activities worth trying such as camping overnight on the beach, enjoying outdoor BBQ, team building, or watching sea turtles laying eggs, kayaking, snorkeling to see coral... More specifically, when coming to Hon Cau, you also have the opportunity to enjoy many delicious dishes such as sea urchin, grouper, discus fish, lobster, crabs,... right at the restaurant on the beach.

 Tai island – a glorious hidden gem
Currently, this place has begun to receive more attention and a large number of tourists choose Hon Tai as a destination for summer travel. This place completely retains its pristine features with a blue, clear coast and an extremely rich marine ecosystem like a colorful aquarium.
Source: Đảo Ngọc Travel



Blue sky, fresh air, and vast seawater are ideal conditions for us to live fully with nature. An indispensable activity when coming to Hon Tai is to immerse yourself in the clear water, relax with each cool breeze, and breathe in the fresh air. Not only attracting attention with story about the Dang cousins and Minh Nguyet, Tai island also possesses impressive wild scenery with the highlight of two small, fine white sandy beaches.
If you plan to travel to Con Dao, you must definitely visit these 3 beautiful islands to "pocket" a series of photos posted gradually!


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