Road to Bai Bang stream - the secret natural pool in Con Dao stunned tourists by its beauty!

Wednesday - 14/06/2023 06:29
Referring to Con Dao, people will immediately resort to spiritual tourism, resort tourism but ignoring the trekking routes in the ecological forest system in the National Park must be a major shortcoming! Revealing to everyone a destination not to be missed is Con Dao Bang Beach steam. The stream is exquisite, and the water is pristine and cool, but few visitors check in here due to the long distance to reach.
Bai Bang stream is a large stream, flowing directly into the sea from the Bai Bang area, northwest of Con Son Island. Bai Bang has a diversity of plants, animals, and marine creatures, beautiful forest habitat, its forest status is considered the richest in Con Dao
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This is the intersection between the freshwater flowing from the Bai Bang stream above and the salt water from the vast ocean.  This small lake is surrounded by rocks piled on each other, creating a beautiful and pristine natural lake. This place is deserted, pristine with blue sea water, and surprising visitors with its extremely magical beauty.  And a special thing is that the Bai Bang stream only appears in the rainy season, from August to September annually. Although "Bai Bang stream pool" is small yet very beautiful with clear blue water in the middle of a calm sky. If you have the opportunity to visit Con Dao in the rainy season, do not forget to visit Bai Bang stream to discover an interesting destination, with unique beauty and very suitable for those who like to take photos and trek to challenge themselves.

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To reach Bai Bang stream, visitors travel a distance of about 3km from the town to the National Park located on Huynh Thuc Khang Street, turn right on the board, and buy an entrance ticket at the Office. Then, visitors riding motorbikes for a few hundred meters will see signposts indicating Holy Cave, Bang Beach, and Dat Tham Beach, you leave the motorbike and start the journey to climb the stone steps.

The path is about 3km long and takes more than 1 hour to walk on the forest trail. The path is a bit difficult and slippery due to the moss growing around, but with the green natural scenery stretching endlessly, you can breathe fresh air and experience the island ecosystem with rare animals. There will be an information board introducing the name of some plants, please take a moment to learn more about this interesting information! Continuing for about 2 kilometers, there will be a sign that reads "Bai Bang Steam". There is a small path on the left side that leads to the Infinite Swimming Pool. This may be the most difficult part, as the slope is very high, so be careful.



 The difficult journey into the stream seems to have disappeared, leaving only a sense of satisfaction, an infinite sense of happiness in appreciating the primitive beauty of nature, the earth, and the sky.

Hide in a mysterious place, so you can enjoy yourself without worrying about others disturbing you. Just relax in the clear blue water, enjoy the picturesque original Natural landscape, and shoot a virtual life in this beautiful swimming pool. That is more than enough for a memorable experience in Con Dao. This is a great choice if you have experience and enthusiasm for hiking.
Tips: Wear comfortable clothes and sports shoes. Remember to prepare drinking water and bring small and clean foods, such as candy, cake, and chocolate. .. they are essential for traveling, especially for people who are physically weak and prone to hypoglycemia, and need sweets to recover their strength. Especially, restricting the use of plastic and littering to maintain environmental hygiene!
No matter when or where Con Dao is an exciting tourist destination. With fresh sea views, clear blue water, and charming beaches, it is expected to provide an unforgettable travel experience.


Author: Xuan Da

Source: Translated by Xuan Da


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