Con Dao – a heroic legends

Tuesday - 28/05/2019 10:14
Con Dao district, the sacred lands associated with many legends in the history of the harrowing and heroic struggle of older generations who fell for the peace of the country today

Con Dao Island is called "Emerald Island". It is in the middle of the sea of the ??south east coast with many potentials of marine economy, tourism and belongs to Ba Ria - Vung Tau province now. Con Dao Islands is away from Vung Tau City 97 nautical miles, from Ho Chi Minh City 120 nautical miles and includes 16 large and small islands, with an area of ??76 km2, of which the largest island called Con Son Island, which 51 km2 area and a population of 8,000 people.

Con Dao Island on the map

There are white sands stretching along the clear blue sea waters from above in the Con Son Bay – Con Dao Island

Looking on a map, Con Dao is like a bear reaching out to the East Sea. Con Dao is well  known for its beautiful beaches, clear blue sea, smooth and gentle sand beaches shaded by rows of ancient trees . Con Dao National Park also has been recognized as the Ramsar mangrove forest No.123 in the world and stands in 62th of Vietnam with many primary forests, the rich flora and fauna, with more diverse species of fish, shrimp, squid swimming above the colorful coral and multi-storey reefs. Especially, Con Dao is one of the places in Vietnam conservation of species dugongs, dolphins, types of sea turtles. Looking down from the airplane, Con Dao island like a "green island" with green vast of forests and blue of marine, they blend each other to creates a very magical landscape.


The century - old terminalia catappa trees stand along Ton Duc Thang street – Con Dao Island

In the old days, Con Dao is the exile of the revolutionaries and patriotic people, where tempered the indomitable spirit of them and help them rose up to struggle for freedom, peace and independence for the country. Today, Con Dao is truly a paradise for tourists to learn and explore. Con Dao people are hospitable, gentle and friendly by nature. They bring tourists a comfortable sensation as their homes.

Let come to Con Dao to lit incense for remembrance of the thousands of heroes and soldiers who laid to rest in Hang Duong, Keo cemetery, Con Dao Temple, Con Dao Museum, Tiger and cow cages, Ma Thien Lanh bridge, An Son Temple, Cau temple whrere associated with many sacred legends of indigenes.

Let come to Con Dao to learn about unspoiled nature, tranquility and admire Ong Dung or So Ray pristine forests. You also go fishing on Bong Lan Islet or squid fishing at Mui Tau, diving on Tre Islet, watch turtles lay their eggs at night on Bay Canh islet, Cau islet, Tre Lon isletl, Dam Tre Bay. In addition, you can stroll around the island to see rugged mountain, stop at some islets to watch the birds make their nests. The terns hover over the wonderful sea will be a scene that you can not forget.

Sea turtles have just born

Dugoong, a kind of fish or sea cow

Travel & Leisur magazine called Con Dao the place with "the edge of the steep cliffs and pristine beaches with clear blue water" and one of the world's most mysterious islands. Another world famous travel magazine, Lonely Planet - British have voted Con Dao into the top 10 of the most glamorous and mysterious islands of the planet. They also recognized that Con Dao is "a natural paradise with dense forests, emerald waters, white sand beaches and home of dugongs, dolphins, sea turtles and spectacular coral reefs "

Make a visit to Con Dao to have a wonderful and meaningful trip with many interesting things and feel extremely mysterious beauty of the sacred, rich and beautiful island. With the goodwill of Con Dao people, through sincere invitation, Con Dao district invites investors respectfully to take interest and give a hand to build Con Dao. This will make a new Con Dao island with heroic history and a beautiful future that deserve to the love and trust of Viet Nam people.



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