Pick brilliant spring up on Con Dao island

Tuesday - 28/05/2019 10:28
Let come this southern island during the early of a year to enjoy the cool, fresh atmosphere and exciting experiences on the beach  voted as one of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

Bay Canh Islet

This is the second largest island of the 16 islands of Con Dao. This island has the largest number of Vietnam’s sea turtles. The entire space of the island is covered by tropical primeval forest, with rare, rich flora and fauna. Therefore, Bay Canh Islet is the destination for people who love adventure and conquering nature.

Besides exploring the forest, you do not forget to dive for watching rare coral system here, with a variety of species: plates coral, table form coral, spike shape coral, block coral which have name in Vietnam's Red Book. It takes you about 1 hour to get to Bay Canh Islet from the center of Con Dao by a ship.

Cau Islet

Hon Cau, formerly an ancient village Gia Long King, called "Xom Ba Thiet" and played a role as a historical relic, where the French, US soldiers detained the revolutionary patriots.

Today, Hon Cau is an important place to conserve species of  rare wildlife such as sea turtles, bird nests. Cau Islet’s Tourism brings visitors a peaceful atmosphere filled with the blue of ocean and the sky, the green of trees.

Dam Tre bay

Dam Tre Bay located in the northeast of the island of Con Son, away from the center of Con Dao National Park about 16 km. This is a tourism destination with impressive wild natural landscapes. If coming here in the spring, visitors will be surprised by the unique and novel beauty of flora and fauna.

Along the way to the bay, you also get the opportunity to admire the beauty of Con Son Gulf, Lo Voi cape, Chim Chim cape and Northeastern Gulf are brilliant in colors of spring.

Dam Trau Beach

Swimming is an activity you cannot miss in cool weather of the beach. Let choose Dam Trau Beach to relax. This beautiful beach is located far away 15 km from Con Son. This was chosen as the most beautiful beaches of Con Dao. Do not forget to enjoy fresh seafood here!

This beach is also the most beautiful beach. On a rocky slope stretch to the sea, there are two huge boulders, their heads together as couples are chatting from a distance. Seawater here is clearer and bluer anywhere. Deep blue of the sky, the endless blue of shadow forest, in harmony with the blue of the sea. They also service exciting sea diving here.




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