Spring on island district

Tuesday - 28/05/2019 10:29
Apricot blossom and peach blossom bloomed, swallow and all of flowers give the signal that the Dinh Dau spring 2017 is coming up. Contributing to pleasure  the 87th anniversary of the founding of  the Viet Nam Communist  Party, government, army and people are proud of Con Dao, filled with optimism, confident to welcome the new spring.

In these days, in the streets of the island, the spring sunshine and the salty taste of the sea, the rows of trees are very green on roadsides, flags banners, banners and lights are bright in colour of spring. In the distance, majestic and antique appearance of the row of  terminalia catappa with one hundred years, which have a strong attachment to this island and witnessed many changes of land that they called formerly the hell, now changing comprehensively to become a pearl of the sea.

2016 - The first year of implementation of  Resolution of  the Ninth assembly of  Con Dao District. In colors of spring, the Party, government and people of Con Dao boasts more excited, solidarity, joint efforts, striving to build the district more and more beautiful .

Looking back in 2016, though having many difficulties, there were encouraging developments in the fields of economy, culture - social security - defense ... These make motivation to help Con Dao steadily coming in  the year of  chicken 2017  with much hope and faith.

The year of Chicken 2017 marked a journey of 42 years after the liberation of Con Dao. Although there were many challenges, Con Dao has not stopped growing and has made firm steps: the political, economic and  social situation of the district have made changes. Material and spirit life of the people of the district gradually stabilize and grow. District has reached and exceeded the economic – society targets in many years without interruption.Last  year alone - 2016, value of industry is 148.9 billion, up 6.74% over the same period. Production value of Agriculture - Forestry – Fisheries  division is 80.12 billion, up 11.79% over the same period. Total tax revenues in the district is 41.3 billion, reaching 182.19% of the plan. Total budget expenditure is 290.17 billion

The fields of culture, education, health, social security are concerned and implement effectively. Government has made unexpected difficulties subsidies for 17 subjects; created jobs for 334 employees; field of culture and sports have a variety of practical activities. Political, security and social situation are guaranteed.

Coming to Con Dao on the last days of the year of  Monkey 2016, under fresh golden sunshine of December, the district island is imposing, magnificent middle of the sea as a testament to the efforts, accomplishments officials and local people in particular, and the government and people of  Ba Ria - Vung Tau province in general. The wide, clean, nice streets and new welfare facilities are put into use  which has contributed to adorn spring on island to welcome spring in brilliant colors.

Economic development goes together with building culture, enriching but not forget aestheticizing, so for many years, this important policy of the Party always gets the enthusiastic response of a variety of social strata in the district. Thus movement of the entire people unites to build cultural life obtained many important results, such as the district has achieved 10/10 cultural residential area. Many residential areas are models of the movement of the entire people unite to build cultural life of the district. Con Dao district held the title of the cultural district in 2016. Thus, the appearance of Con Dao rapidly changes and more glowing than when the spring comes.

Entering the new spring 2017, Tourism - smokeless industry has been identified as a key economic of Con Dao had a bumper year: There are 166,947 visitors to Con Dao, up 24.34% compared to 2015; of which about 30,005 foreign tourist  arrivals, up 3.8%. Total revenue from tourism - services reached 802,236 million, up 37.24% over last year.

Currently, the district has 40 accommodation establishments with 802 rooms, can service about 2,000 guests. Together, Con Dao island has about 130 cars with 1,000 seats to serve the need of development of local tourism. The number of tourists to visit Con Dao is estimated to increase approximately 2% compared to 2016 in 2017..

Obviously, the results in the past year have contributed to the picture of spring in Con Dao today. This picture has many colors, colors of life which has gradually changed, the color of harmony with continuous development of Ba Ria Vung Tau province. This is faith, energy help Party, government, military and civilian of Con Dao excited to entered the new year in 2017 with a determination is concentrating all resources to develop tourism economy - services, aims to achieve the objective of building Con Dao become a city and a National tourism zone, associated with enhanced defense and security, creating solid protection capabilities sea, islands which Resolution of the 9th Congress of Party in district, the term 2015 - 2020 has set out.

A new spring comes again in Con Dao - an outpost southeast island  of the country. In a spring full of color, sunny spring flowing out of  on flowers and trees, everybody, every family is welcoming a beautiful new spring with confidence, love to build Con Dao richer economically, stable political, a strong defence and solid security, deserve to history of a heroic island.








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